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Ashleigh Theresa, child care in Maesteg

My name is Ashleigh . I am 16 years old and looking for babysitting vacancies. I'm young, fun, enthusiastic and because my age is close to children ages, I know what they want and know how provide it. As I have grown up with young children, I have an understanding of children. I am considerate and caring. I have experiences with looking after cousins, my sister and my mum's friend's young daughter. I can help children read, play games such as Lego, jenga, word searches, their homework and I ...
Crystal, baby sitter in Maesteg CF34

Hi I'm crystal. I am 23 years old and married. I have no expert experience with children but I do have basic knowledge of what children need to grow up happy and healthy. I play games like chase and choo choo train with my 5 year old nephew and 7 year old niece and they seem to thrilled by it. I have had experience with changing nappies, given baths and cleaning up messes with children do to babysitting neighbors and siblings children, sometimes overnight as well. I would be delighted to wor...
Teigan, childcare in Cymmer

My name is Teigan and I am 16 years old. I am looking for a part time job/babysitting throughout the summer months. I have just left school and would like to spend the time prior to college gaining working experience rather than doing nothing. I am aspiring to be a paediatrician and therefore I could use as much experience working with children as possible. I have 3 younger siblings aged 4-10, all of which i have cared for numerous times. One of my siblings has learning disabilities and behav...
Shannon, babysitter - CF34 Maesteg

Hello my name is shannon and I am 16 years. I've always been around new borns and toddlers from family experience I can cook and I can clean This is some of the stuff I would most likely to do I would most likely take the children out or go to the park if the child has been good in school Maybe if the child likes to sing I could help them as I've had singing lessons or like playing hide and go seek
Caitlin, baby sitter - CF32 Brynmenyn

Hello, my name is Caitlin , I'm 17 years old and I'm currently studying my A-Levels in sixth form. I'm a trained lifeguard and I enjoy swimming with my club a few times a week! Alongside this, I sing in a choir, play piano, clarinet and read as often as I can! I'm looking for babysitting jobs in the area as I love children and enjoy every aspect of looking after them. I have a first aid qualification, food hygiene, health and social care level 2 and an array of GCSE's which have built up ma...
Leah, babysitter in Betws CF32

Who are you?? What type of care you looking for?? I'm more then happy to help you I have got two c grades in childcare. I can cook, I can clean the house for you, I can bath your children ( chlid), I can read them a book in bed. I can play games with your children like board games colouring with your children I would love a babysitting job I can cook them food clean up after them and bath them and put them in bed until you get home.
Rebecca, baby sitter in Blackmill CF35

Hello, my name is Rebecca , I am looking for a child minding job/baby sitting. I have worked with children from the ages of 6 months-6 yrs. My duties during this time was to organize tasks and activities for the children to get involved in. I can cook which I feel is a bonus, and am willing to undertake any cleaning that needs to be taken care of. I have attended numerous placements in primary schools and am hopeful that this will help me get the job I am looking for. I also have a level 2 c...
Liam, babysitter in Maesteg CF34

Hi I'm Liam and I am currently studying my GCSEs. I am on my final year of comprehensive school until I go back for sixth form. I would be able to do nights of anytime after 4:15 o'clock on weekdays but anytime on weekends. I'm currently hitting my target grades in school and I have some experience looking after children as I've looked after my two sisters before. I am able to cook for your children as I'm studying Catering in Comprehensive and sat one practical exam and came out with a b+ 2 ...
Katie, baby sitter - CF32 Llangeinor

Hello, I'm Katie. I'm 15 years old and i have 3 younger siblings who i help look after. I'm a very patient person and is able to help with anything required. I am looking for babysitting applications as i am very good with children and am able to understand them. I am very avid when it comes to childcare. I can give brilliant results when it comes to caring for the child and helping around the household. Im very patient and understanding so the child is able to come to me if there's any probl...
Gemma, babysitting - CF34 Maesteg

Hi my name is Gemma . I am moving to Maesteg in August with my two children age 3 and 8 years old. I currently dont drive but will use public transport, have lots of experience working with in nurseries for over 12 years caring for children ages 0-5 years which I love doing. I enjoy going to the park, playing games, making cakes and generally being with the children. I have first aid, food hygiene and early years level 4 qualification as well.
Gemma, babysitter in Tondu CF32

I'm 14, however I am very responsible. I live with my mam, dad and brother. I care for my brother and cousins when family go out. We are an ex military family so I'm organised. I'm not looking for much, just babysitting whenever needed. I can cook, but only basic foods. I am good with children and seem to get along well with them, I can clean- and entertain with games etc. I'm still in school so I'd only be able to work around school hours.
Megan, child care in Maesteg

I have been raised in a home with both parents being foster carer. So obviously, I have gained a lot of experience when it comes to children. I have helped my mother since I was a little girl to look after the children, and keep the occupied. I can help children with primary or secondary homework, and my GCSE grades can be requested for. I'm an extremely kind person, and laid back unless something requires otherwise. I've always been raised around children all different age ranges. Not just t...

My name is Cory David . I am 20 years old. I am currently in Bridgend College studying Level 3 Hospitality Food and Beverage Supervision. I am a fun and dedicated care provider, I am the sort of person who puts the child first, being what games they wish to play etc. I encourage story time and allocated time to studies. I have a younger brother aged 6 and I’ve babysat him since he was born. I have a strong understanding of children. From training as a acting I can really get to my inner chil...

My name is Daniella. I'm 25, and I'm just getting back into work after having a baby so, although I don't have the qualifications, I'm definitely ready and able to care for another child. To sound cheesy, I've found there's nothing I love more than caring for a child. I don't drink, I don't smoke, and apart from caring for my boy, and the occasional date with my partner, I have no life. Just in case any of those things are a deal breaker.

I am a 20 year old women who loves to work with children. I have had 3 years experience with working with children and i also babysit for my younger siblings. I am a caring, friendly, fun and outgoing person who gets along with everyone. I am also very enthusiastic. I will take on any task that is given to me such as supporting children with their homework or cooking then food. I am looking to care for children and young people.

Hi, I'm looking for a part time job, evening and weekends mostly as I am currently studying level 3 childcare and I am at a placement Monday to Friday. I am a very loving and caring person, I am also reliable and trust worthy. I think I would be a good person to look after your child/children as I have grown up around babies and have had a passion of working with children and I absolutely love caring for children I hope to hear from you very soon?
Amy, babysitter in Nant-y-moel

I am an 18 year old female, with several siblings. I have a 14 month old neice i look after quite often, i hold a certificut for a level 1 in childcare. I am flexible and reliable with a great sense of humor. I am kind but firm if the child does something wrong i will tell them so in a calm collective manner. I will ensure your child/children are well looked after in my care.
Julie, babysitter in Nant-y-moel CF32

Hello my name is julie I have load of experience working with children. Im a level two practitioner and currently on my last year of level 3 child care and education. I have worked with children at all ages. I have looked after my siblings and cousins. I have a first aid qualification, Health and safety and and food hygiene.

My name is chloe, I am 18. I love working with children, i recently complete my level 1 in child care, and for most of my life, i have been around children, my sisters have babies, and I have been looking after them over night and throughout the days. Working with children is my dream job. During school, i did a work experience in a primary school and i absolutely adored it. I can make a child feel valued. respected. and safe.

Hi I’m Helen I’m 22 years old, I have a little boy who Is nearly 2. I have had great experience with working with children I have 4 siblings two of which have are younger. I’ve worked part time in a school for 2 years and have my level 2 childcare qualification. I’m outgoing friendly and reliable I love to cook and try new things, hopefully when my little one starts school I will finish all childcare qualifications and return to being a teaching assistant.

Hi there, I'm Beth, I'm 22 and childless. Since being small I helped raise my younger sister and throughout teenage years continued to mind for family friends as younger children seem to be easily amused by me and make a quick connection. I am mildly Autistic, though this mostly effects my social-emotional skills and so offers no hindrance to the position. I am very short in reference for shelves I may need to reach. I am 'alternative' with my personal style but am happy to dress or represent...

My name is carys , I am 15 years old my D.O.B is 31st December 2001. I'm currently doing my GCSE's and I am looking for a part time job. I am very good with people of all ages, as I have a very large family. I have previous had hobbies doing first aid and drama as I find them very interesting and like to get stuck into new things. I think baby sitting would be good job and life experience for me as I would like to further go into the NHS as a nurse or child therapist. I live in the Maesteg a...

Sophie , 21, from Maesteg. I have a nearly 3 year old brother I have helped to look after since birth. I look after him, take him out to the park and change him. I have also volunteered in a deaf youth club for children ages 5+ so have looked after varied ages of children. I have a level 2 in British Sign Language and am happy to teach children this.

I'm a 16 year old female and have looked after my 7, nearly 8 year old brother atleast twice every week and once or twice on weekend whilst my mum was at work until. I love looking after young children and doing fun things such as baking, going for walks or to the park I also liked to take my brother out for food or just out for the day but that's your choice if you didn't want that

I have grown up looking after my younger cousins then once I was able to look after our neighbors and family and friends children. This was at the age of 14. I have been looking after children from then on, I'd say I'm quite child like and like to have fun with the children but when it comes to give instructions I can give them. I don't let children sweet talk me into doing something you wouldn't let them. I am responsible and mature and do the best I can. I will help in any way I can also I ...

My name is Emily and I'm sixteen. I have just finished my compulsory schooling (GCSE's) and look to further my education in staying on to complete another two years in Sixth Form. I live in Maesteg, near Bridgend and attend Maesteg Comprehensive. I am looking for a part time job. I adore children and have had plenty of experience in looking after my younger sibling. I have 13 weeks to spare before I go back to school meaning I am very flexible in working during the weeks and weekends. I ha...

Hi My name is demi, i am a 17 year old women that is independent, and can look after ither sufficiently and well. I am caring, and fun! With a lot of patience! I hope i am suitable!:) In my freee time i pkay sports to jeeo happy and healthy! But i am looking dor a career to gain experience with children!

Hello, I am sixteen and recently finished school I am currently looking for an apprenticeship but until then I would love to look after and babysit children. I have no experience with other children apart from family friends and I have three younger brothers I look after. I am reliable and trustworthy. I hope to hear from you soon.

Have a warm, caring and patient nature, myCommunication skills are very good. Have a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to any work or activities undertaken, I Consistent and fair in approach to all people i also have A good sense of humour. i am creative, i Can follow health and safety rules and regulations correctly.