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Caryl, baby sitting in Rhondda CF42

Hi there, my name is Caryl I am a young teenager of the age of 16 soon to be 17. I am finding it hard to find any part time work at the moment probably like a lot of young people, so I thought to myself what better way to offer my services. I am one of 3 sisters so I have no problem with coming up with fun activities to do. I enjoy visiting my cousin in England who is 5 years old and he has two sisters which is younger than me. During my time I stay there I often read them stories help wit...
Amy, occasional childcare in Gilfach goch CF39

Hi, I'm Amy. I am a recently qualified level 3 practitioner through a cache course, I am 17 and looking for a babysitting job in a fun and busy environment. My responsibilities are important to me however the safety and well being of the children come first, I have had previous babysitting jobs and love being around children, I am reliable and flexible if an emergency occurs and I am needed urgently, I am fun and energetic around children, I am able to entertain and take children out on day t...
Nikita, baby sitting - CF40 Ystrad

I am a keen individual who enjoys taking part in activities and events as much as possible. I also like too spend quality time with my fiancee&son, I would love too set a good example for him. trealow infants; I assisted the teachers&chidlren, making sure their needs were met, for example I helped with reading, hanging coats, packing lunches, pack away toys&used equipment, I took part in organising&carrying out various activities like presentations/sports day. Welfare hall;While I worked ...
Josie, occasional childcare - CF41 Pentre

Hello my name is Josie Rees, I am 19 years old. The job I am looking for is to babysit children. At the age of 16 I went to college for a year to do level 1 child care, but unfortunately I didn’t finish the course. However I have had a lot of practice with children within the course being in a primary school. I have also baby sat my boyfriends 2 sisters and brothers who are young and have had them sleep over. This job would be so ideal for myself and I would be so committed to it. I like to ...
Rebecca, baby sitter in Blackmill CF35

Hello, my name is Rebecca , I am looking for a child minding job/baby sitting. I have worked with children from the ages of 6 months-6 yrs. My duties during this time was to organize tasks and activities for the children to get involved in. I can cook which I feel is a bonus, and am willing to undertake any cleaning that needs to be taken care of. I have attended numerous placements in primary schools and am hopeful that this will help me get the job I am looking for. I also have a level 2 c...
Katie, baby sitter - CF32 Llangeinor

Hello, I'm Katie. I'm 15 years old and i have 3 younger siblings who i help look after. I'm a very patient person and is able to help with anything required. I am looking for babysitting applications as i am very good with children and am able to understand them. I am very avid when it comes to childcare. I can give brilliant results when it comes to caring for the child and helping around the household. Im very patient and understanding so the child is able to come to me if there's any probl...
Jade, babysitter - CF32 Pontycymer

Hello! My name is Jade I am 24 years old and I adore working with kids and looking after them. Whilst living in London I worked as an apprentice at a nursery and have helped to take care of my younger sisters and friends children. When looking after children I like to interact with them and engage in them, usually with singing nursery rhymes, songs etc. I consider myself to be a very creative person and I also like to entertain with favourite stories or by creating a fun one for the ki...

Hi, I'm Ellie and 16 years old. I love working with children of all ages, and am able to help with things such as homework (primary and comprehensive), chores etc. I work effectively when working individually and I feel I am a helpful and focused person. I have always enjoyed taking care of children as growing up I have spent a lot of time with my two younger siblings and my 6 nieces and nephews ranging from ages 6 months to 14 years old. I volunteered with a disabled swimming club for ...

I am a seventeen year old currently studying A-levels in Psychology, Medical science and English literature and language. Due to this I am looking for part-time job and babysitting will be perfect. This will allow me carry on with education as well as gaining experience and allowing me to save for University. I have in the past played Hockey, netball , basketball and can play the piano and cornet to a basic level. In my spare time I volunteer in St. John. Ambulance helping the younger sessio...

Hi my name is Beth . I am 20 years old and I live at home with my mam. I am currently in college studying Beauty Therapy Level 3 and am a qualified Beauty Therapist for Level 2. I have completed a Childcare Level 2 course and I passed all the academic side of the course but unfortunately I failed on the work placement side of the course which caused me to fail the whole course and that is why I did not specify I had any qualifications. The reason I failed the course is because I had fallen i...

My name is Daniella. I'm 25, and I'm just getting back into work after having a baby so, although I don't have the qualifications, I'm definitely ready and able to care for another child. To sound cheesy, I've found there's nothing I love more than caring for a child. I don't drink, I don't smoke, and apart from caring for my boy, and the occasional date with my partner, I have no life. Just in case any of those things are a deal breaker.

Hello My name is Nikitta I am an enthusiastic and caring person who is happy to be around children of all variety of ages. I have family experience in looking after my little Cousins where I have feed changed and bathed them. I also have looked after my younger sister who is ten years younger when she was little taking her to school and picking her up from school. I have also worked in schools as a Class room assistant and Learning support assistant. I am trustworthy and reliable.
Amy, babysitter in Nant-y-moel

I am an 18 year old female, with several siblings. I have a 14 month old neice i look after quite often, i hold a certificut for a level 1 in childcare. I am flexible and reliable with a great sense of humor. I am kind but firm if the child does something wrong i will tell them so in a calm collective manner. I will ensure your child/children are well looked after in my care.

My name is Kian , I am looking to babysit for anyone who is in need and am willing to help anyone above the age of 4, my qualities are interaction with your children, able to play fun games, can help with their homework and am willing to help do some house chores, I will follow all instructions left by parents. I have lots of practise with video games and any sort of electronics, I also have experience with board games and also many types of sports and a more physical activity based game
Julie, babysitter in Nant-y-moel CF32

Hello my name is julie I have load of experience working with children. Im a level two practitioner and currently on my last year of level 3 child care and education. I have worked with children at all ages. I have looked after my siblings and cousins. I have a first aid qualification, Health and safety and and food hygiene.

Hi My name is demi, i am a 17 year old women that is independent, and can look after ither sufficiently and well. I am caring, and fun! With a lot of patience! I hope i am suitable!:) In my freee time i pkay sports to jeeo happy and healthy! But i am looking dor a career to gain experience with children!

Hi I’m Helen I’m 22 years old, I have a little boy who Is nearly 2. I have had great experience with working with children I have 4 siblings two of which have are younger. I’ve worked part time in a school for 2 years and have my level 2 childcare qualification. I’m outgoing friendly and reliable I love to cook and try new things, hopefully when my little one starts school I will finish all childcare qualifications and return to being a teaching assistant.
Oshia, babysitter - CF41 Ton-pentre

Hello I’m 17 year old and I’m currently doing my CCLD level 2 qualification in a crèche I have been doing my CCLD since September 2017 and finish in July, I’ve already got my Teaching Assistant level 2 qualification and I done my placement in a primary school so I have had plenty of experiences with a lot of different ages, I also do baby sitting for family and friends now and again.
Laci, baby sitter in Ton-pentre CF41

My name is Laci and I attend Treorchy comprehensive school . I am a bilingual student because I can speak two languages fluently which is welsh and English. I have had experience with child care as I went on work expereince in Ynyswen primary school and I worked with a variety of ages ranging from ages 3-11.

My name is paige and I am currently in my last year of college to qualify as a level 3 childcare practitioner. I'm fun and outgoing and love to do activities with children like arts and crafts, going to the park, baking etc. I don't mind helping around the house and with homework. I have done two years worth of placement in a nursery (0-4 year olds) and in a primary school (5-11 year olds) and have thourougly enjoyed taking part in all of it.

Hello, I am Oshia and I love to look after my niece in my spare time, I have a Wednesday job in gymnastic and I love it I love interacting with children and playing games and doing different activities with them. I am looking for a part time baby sitting job and would love to find the perfect one, I am 15 years of age but I am 16 in June. I have had experience in baby sitting before with my niece and my brother who has ADHD and autism.

Hi I'm Mercedes. I'am 14 years old but I know how to cook because I cook in my house. I have 6 siblings. I play a lot of sports and can help you with anything.

I'm a 16 year old female and have looked after my 7, nearly 8 year old brother atleast twice every week and once or twice on weekend whilst my mum was at work until. I love looking after young children and doing fun things such as baking, going for walks or to the park I also liked to take my brother out for food or just out for the day but that's your choice if you didn't want that

My name is Caseylee I am 18 years of ages and I currenlty work in a school working with children aged 2-3. Im also there to gained my level 3 child care and development. I will look after any age of children. I am a very fun, happy and caring person and there nothing more I like doing then caring for children

Hello my name is Tia , i studied health and sociol mainly around childcare for two years and achieved a grade A*. Since my parents work full time i help out with my younger siblings aged 4 and 6, i give them supper, help them read along with putting them to bed. I find that children mostly enjoy physical activities with toys and make up games however after a certain time i like to read to the children and let them read back to me and have quiet time so the children are not wound up before su...

I was brought up in a large extended family and frequently looked after and cared for my siblings and grandparents. As a teenager I often babysat my neighbours children. After leaving school I worked eight years as residential social worker with Islington social services in a family group home where I looked after seven children. Later on got married and had children of my own. I believe my experience in working with children professionally and my own family make me an ideal candi...

I have grown up looking after my younger cousins then once I was able to look after our neighbors and family and friends children. This was at the age of 14. I have been looking after children from then on, I'd say I'm quite child like and like to have fun with the children but when it comes to give instructions I can give them. I don't let children sweet talk me into doing something you wouldn't let them. I am responsible and mature and do the best I can. I will help in any way I can also I ...

I am 19 years old easy to get along with... im a kind and friendly person always been good with children/babys im trustworthy and I have no criminal record and I will be whilling to help in anywah possible .. I have always played hide and seek with family members and always let the children win the games and try my best too keep them smileing

Have a warm, caring and patient nature, myCommunication skills are very good. Have a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to any work or activities undertaken, I Consistent and fair in approach to all people i also have A good sense of humour. i am creative, i Can follow health and safety rules and regulations correctly.

Hello! My name is Cora Pugh and I am a experienced and qualified babysitter with over 5+ years of experience looking after children from 1 years of age to 12 years. I have A* grades in GCSE Childcare. I love looking after children and have been praised by parents. I am trustworthy and reliable and also flexible as long as I have notice.