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Jessica, childcare - OL16 Rochdale

Hi, I am young mum of a 2.5 year old boy. Who is amazing. I am looking to babysit or looking after children on a daily basis. My mum was a childminder until I reached the age of 14, I do have alot of experience. Also, bringing up my son, it is amazing how much more you learn. I am very active I go to the gym at least 3 times a week. My son is in nursery 3 days a week and hopefully going full time in September. Everyday is fun in my house as I always do something with my son. From learning to ...
Bethany, sitter - OL16 Rochdale

I am a 15 year old girl trying to earn money to buy a horse. I have looked after many family of a range of ages in the past and I am currently studying health and social care in School with a keen interest in children. I am very mature and have a lot of patience, I stay calm in stressful situations and know how to handle children’s different emotions. I finish school at 2:45pm so I can babysit after that until any time you need my help until. I will be free all day Sunday and the majority of ...
Tania, childcare in Rochdale OL16

My name is Tania, I am looking for a part time babysitting as I study on Monday's and Friday's and therefore will not be available to work these days. I have experience working with children from ages 0-4 as I have worked in a nursery for 2 years and gained my NVQ Level 3 Diploma in childcare. I was a baby room supervisor and key worker therefore, I was responsible for taking care of all the babies. I also worked with toddlers and pre-schoolers. I also worked as a child minding assistant f...
Chanel, child care in Rochdale OL16

I am a 15 year old girl looking for part-time work. I have experience with children with autism and other additional needs. I can cook and clean. I also can manage challenging behaviours. I love Woking with children and watching them thrive. I'm flexible with my hours during the holidays but as i have school, I can only work in afternoons on them set days. I look forward to working with you and your children. I'm also very used to mess. I'm very lucky to be in this world and I intend to make ...
Toni, babysitter in Rochdale

My name Is Toni . I am an 18 year old Female who has a natural desire to care for children. I am currently Studying a Level 3 diploma in Health and Social Care and would later like to progress onto becoming a children's nurse. I have had experience working with children of different ages and working with children who have special needs. I volunteered in a Nursery for 8 months working with newborns-4 years. I have also volunteered in a special needs school where I have had moving and handling...
Tom, babysitter in Rochdale OL16

My name is Tom , I am sixteen years of age and attend college. I look after my siblings every now and then to help my father. My pros to being a childcarer are: - I can cook simple meals if I have too or in an emergency. I.e. If said parent of the children has to run to work. - I am a helpful cleaner, not OCD'ed but quite obsessive if it is in another's house. - I can help out with homework, maths being my specialty aswell as English literature (Creative reading.) - I have helped out...
Marjana, babysitting in Rochdale OL16

My names Marjana I am 20 years old I speak English and my home language is Bengali. I am a BTEC qualified level 3 practitioner in childcare. I babysit for a someone in Heywood the baby is 6 months. I also do the household chores for the mother from cooking and cleaning the house as well as babysitting. I am I would love to further my career and babysit more and lol after children because I love children no matter how they look or what background they come from. Diversity and inclusion is ve...
Holly, babysitter in Rochdale

Hi, I'm Holly and I'm 15 years old, I have been babysitting my younger 4 year old twin brothers since they were 2 as well as my 11 year old sister since she was 9. I am caring and patient and will be able to offer your children support and help where necessary, I can cook simple meals as well as help with homework ect. Yes , I'm underage, however I have years of experience which enables me to be efficient and babysit with the skill needed to be successful. I turn 16 in march but I, and my par...
Derri, baby sitter in Rochdale

I'm a very responsible and reliable 23 year old female. I went to college and did my level 1 in childcare and 3 quarters into my level 2 I left without getting my qualification to become a full time carer for my disabled mother. I have had a little bit of experience with working with children in a nursery and I have had lots of experience with looking after children from new born to the age of 14. I enjoy looking after children and I think it is important to me that the child is not only bein...
Andrea, baby sitting - OL16 Rochdale

I am a keen, honest, reliable, trustworthy individual with excellent timekeeping. I have a caring and considerate personality, I enjoy meeting new people and like sharing my ideas with others. I have good initiative and I am a good listener and always willing to learn new skills, I posses a can do attitude. I am a very hard working person and I am good with computer activities using various packages. I look forward to hearing from you very soon Robyn Radcliffe
Ashleigh, babysitter in Rochdale

I am 14 years old in year 10 secondary school. I love all my lessons and I am doing really well in all of them . I am looking to babysit children from 6 months- 9 years old. I have done babysitting before and I also look after my little sister (cook, clean , and help with homework) when my parents are at work. I am happy to play any games with children and help with homework and cook there tea/dinner for them.
Courtney, after-school childcare - OL16 Rochdale

I am courtney I am 16 years of age I love children as I am doing a childcare course in college for a diploma. I am active and can make fun games for the children to play. I am confident and are able to help with homework and other activities that the children need help with it am organised and loveable. I am first aid trained in high school so am able to provide help. I have experienced with all ages as I baby sit often for many ages also I am doing placement in a nursery for part of my colle...
Kady, baby sitter in Rochdale OL16

I am kady , i am a school leaver i have just finished school and i am going to be starting college in september, i am going to be doing a health and social care course, i also love being around kids i am also very patient, i have 2 siblings one which is 10 and one which is 1 and i love being around them and helping out , i also love learning children different skills and communicaton skills Thankyou kady
Faith, baby sitter in Rochdale OL16

My name is faith and I love looking after children. I have two older sisters, and 2 younger step brothers that I see sometimes. I honestly can say that I love children, as every time I go to my boyfriends house I end up paying more attention to his little 4 year old brother. I have flexible hours as i am no longer in school. I studied health and social care at school and did very well in it, which means I have a good knowledge of how to care for people and children.
Emily, babysitting in Rochdale OL16

My name is Emily , I live in Rochdale. I attend St. Cuthbert's High School in Year 10. I will look after any child from age 2 as I have no experience with babies. I'm very strange and a kid at heart so I can entertain small children easily and wherever I can will help with homework. As I have school from 8:25-3:05 I am willing to work from 4pm-6:30 on weekdays and 1pm-7:30 on weekends. I have a large family and know lots of games and songs etc. from primary school so I can keep y...
Shannon, baby sitter - OL16 Rochdale

Hi I'm shannon. I'm 13 and am looking for a part time job. My age may seem a tad low but I have experience looking after children from 5 months to 4 years. I take care of my 5 month old baby sister. And I also look after my cousins. Who's ages range from 1 year to 4 years. I and very friendly and smiley and also very trustworthy. I am quite clever so if necessary I could help your child with his/her homework. If you need me to I would also be willing to do house work.
Judith, occasional childcare in Rochdale

I'm a kind and caring person , patient with a great sense of fun and i love working with children. I believe children need to learn academically but also be nurtured and encouraged to get involved with nature , social activities and helping others so they grow and develop into fully rounded individuals capable of taking on todays sometimes difficult world As detailed above I've spent all my working life helping people I have lots of experience in working with and caring for children. For ...

I am currently in my second year of doing a level three early years course at Hopwood Hall and aspire to achieve an early years educator role at the end of this academic year. I am very passionate aboutchildren and enjoy helping them to learn and develop. I am looking to babysit children temporarily outside my education hours to gain more experience with children and also to earn money through doing something i enjoy. I am confident in working with children of all ages from 4 months ol...

I am a Psychology graduate with a First class degree from The University of Manchester and an A-Level in Health and social care at grade A. I am a hard working individual who is highly personable, responsible, friendly and caring. I have experience working with children aged 6-11 and 12-15 as a youth club assistant. I am very passionate about children’s wellbeing and I understand the responsibilities that accompany the role of a babysitter. I hope to study a doctorate in Educational/child Psy...
Tasha, baby sitting in Rochdale

Hi my name is Tasha and I love working with children. I am only 14 but had to look after my nephew since I was 12. Also I would love to help you out with your children.
Djenabu, babysitting in Rochdale

Hi , my name is Djenabu sane and im 35 years old. I think I'm qualified enough to care of children, I've got children of my own and I've also treated kids in school for over 10 years. I've worked in schools as a coocker , cleaner and a supervisor. I like teaching kids new things that they can learn. I would make the perfect candidate because most of the time I'm available to work.
Brooke, baby sitter - OL16 Rochdale

i am a 14 year old girl who’s looking to babysit. My names brooke and i enjoy taking care of children, i don’t have much experience as a child carer but i do sometimes take care of my sisters children. I can play certain games and try my best to participate in games with children, i can help with homework, and additionally clean for you.
Chelsea, babysitter in Rochdale OL16

I am a second year university student working towards becoming a qualified counsellor. I have a lot of experience with my nieces and nephews I am a happy, easy going and loving individual I believe children learn best when they feel cared for. I am highly educated and willing to work with children in regards to schooling and education.
Khadijah, babysitting - OL16 Rochdale

My name is Khadijah , I am 25 years old and I a fully qualified primary school teacher. As a result, I have many years of experience working with children of all ages. Furthermore, I have babysat for neighbours and relatives children thus providing me with lots of experience. I can be helpful in terms of school work or just organise fun games and activities to keep the children occupied with. As I am a teacher, I know the national primary curriculum well and therefore can act as a tutor for e...
Rebecca, babysitter in Rochdale OL16

I’m 21 years old I love caring for children and baby sitting I love helping other families out if they need help I’m here :) I’m kind caring responsible respectful confidential etc

Hi my name is Sana and I am looking to care for young children when their parents needs to go out for work or do not have any childcare. I have had previous experiences in two brilliant private day care nurseries with the age range from 5 months to 4 years. by doing this I have gained many skills and learnt many different activities I can do with the children. I feel as though I have it in my nature to look after children as they get along with me really well. i hope you take your time out an...

My name is Melanie I am a 16 year old who is passionate about caring for children. In the past I have looked after a family friends daughter and I have done over night stays as well as looking after my own sister. Family and close friends have always said to me you should be a babysitter your great with children of all ages and you have a big caring heart. I am a very well organised, productive individual who can be a little strict when its needed but i'm not overpowering about it, I am also ...
Syeda, babysitting in Rochdale OL16

Hi I am a college student hoping to care for children in my free time. I have experienced from looking after my family members.
Samrah, babysitting in Rochdale OL16

I am Samrah, 17 and experienced from caring after my own 3 year old brother. I look forward to caring after any child for more experience.
Erin, child care in Rochdale OL16

My name is Erin and I am 14 years old and I love to care for children because I have young nephews and I love to look after them. I have a happy and bubbly personality and children love me once they get to know me. I have looked after many children before in the past. I have a lot of pations, very careing and very responsible. So if you need a babysitter then I'm your girl.

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Tania, childcare in Rochdale OL16

Tania was an exeptional member of the Tricias House Day Nursery LTD team, orininally employed to work within the 2's room but due to relationships built with the babies she was moved to baby room leader. Tania understood and followed what was asked of her and was able to give instructions to othet members of staff. Tania is very easy to get along with and is such a happy and cheerful lady who is always presentable and punctual. I reccomend Tania as she is perfect to work within a childcare setting as she is very nurturing and natural when it comes to childrens needs and wants and will get along and feel confident alongside other staff members and partnership working. Tania has a very strong understanding of the EYFS and how to achieve next steps for all ages. We was very sad to see Tania leave and would love to work along side her again.

Melanie, babysitter - OL16 Rochdale

I have employed Melanie to babysit for my youngest child on various occasions. She is punctual, polite trustworthy and caring and loves interacting with children whether female or male. If your child loves games she will join in and play with them. She is also very good at explaining school subjects should you child be doing homework. My daughter was having a bit of difficulty with her maths division/percentages and Melanie explained in a simple format to her and she was able to understand and carry out her homework and got the answers correct. Melanie has not just got the playful, interactive side to her she can be strict when it comes down to it, as we all know children can play on their babysitters regarding time to go to bed, after all we have all probably done this when we were younger. she will not be played upon. I would really recommend Melanie for babysitting whether it is for a day or night. She is brill.

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