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the 05/02/22 : I'm looking for a babysitter for a few hours on Friday 11th February from around 7pm until around 11pm. They would need to put the children to bed. They are very good at bedtime. We'd like someone reliable, trustworthy and professional with lots of experience. Would be an added bonus if we could arrange monthly babysitting.

the 16/01/22 : Young couple In need of nanny

the 06/12/21 : baby sitter for school run

the 10/10/21 : I’m a single mum of 5 year old boy I’m working from Tuesday to Friday from 7pm till 11pm I need someone to look after my child

the 13/09/21 : Occasional child care required.

the 24/08/21 : Hi we need a childminder or babysitter 5 days a week for 2 -3 hours from 7am as my husband has just started a new job and he looked after our son while I was at work. If you can help please contact me asap. Thank you

the 03/07/21 : Hello, I urgently need a childminder for my 4 year old son on Monday to pick him up from crescent nursery In Rochdale at 3:30 pm until his dad picks him up from yours at around 5:30. Would you be able to do that , ???? Full time job everyday

the 05/06/21 : Looking for a nanny for weekend

the 23/05/21 : From saturday to monday. 8:30pm to 22:30pm

the 17/05/21 : My husband and I are looking for a nanny for 2-3 days during the weekday to look after our 6+months old. This will commence from end of July/start of August. We are looking for someone flexible who can come to our home as we both work from home. If you are trained in Montessori learning that would be a bonus. Our boy is very active and loves to explore so as long as you are ready for an adventure om sure you will both get on easily. We are also Christians and our faith plays a big part on how...

the 07/05/21 : I need a nanny to look after my 3 year old after he finishes school for a couple of hours from 3.30pm to 5/6 pm Depending on work hours. Some to Just play with him, give him food.

the 27/08/20 : Looking for a nanny to do pick ups from school and keep my child till 7.15 when I finish work mon, tue, Friday evenings

the 23/08/20 : I am looking for a native Spanish speaker to come to our home in central Heywood and communicate in Spanish with my 2 young children (ages 3 and 5) two afternoons a week for a couple of hours a time. These are not fixed hours, we can arrange other hours and days to suit. Candidates do not need educational experience, only be willing to chat to the children as much as possible and only in Spanish. You would have full autonomy in your work and you would be working in a pleasant environment w...

the 12/08/20 : 4-year old French girl visiting her Papa in Littleborough (OL15) requires some daytime attention and engagement due to Papa working full-time from home / office. Must speak French fluently and have experience working with primary school age children

the 02/08/20 : I am looking for a flexible part time nanny for regular work . I’m needing help over the 6 week holiday period . I am hoping to keep the person employed on long term moving forward . I have 3 children , 11 year old and 9 year old are quite independent. I would like someone locally if possible . Nanny would need to do some light cooking for the children for the few hours I am away .

the 15/03/20 : Hi I need a live in nanny or live out. Need to be here at 6:30 am drop off my children to school and one child to college (if she can). Then after drop off I don’t need until 3:00pm to pick my children from school and drop at home also give them dinner help them in homework or just stay until my elder son arrived. I need 3-6 in evening and 6:30 till 9am in morning. Thanks Novera

the 09/03/20 : looking for a nanny for 2.5 year old boy to play and talk to him and encourage him to talk for 2 hours on Monday mornings . Native English speaker required .

the 12/02/20 : Someone to spend some one on one time with my 4 year old daughter while I am in the house taking care of my 10 month old. She loves to do activities and learning.

the 28/01/20 : After school and evening care needed for my son. Due to differing shift patterns some late evenings some early evenings. Must be able to pick up my son from school (, 2-3mins walk from my home addres)

the 10/11/19 : Hi I am looking for someone that will help my daughter to do her homework and other things like swimming and actives in the home as well outside to. An will do some light household duties to with my daughter.Eg cleaning up after them.

the 10/11/19 : Need someone to pickup my child from the nursery around 18:00 if I am late from work, it wont be everyday, I’ll pick my child up once I am back from work so it wont be more than an hour

the 09/11/19 : I need some one that will help my daughter with her educational needs as well entering her and cooking an tiding up after play

the 20/08/19 : Hi I am looking for a child care
Adrianna, is looking for part time nanny in Rochdale OL16

the 04/07/19 : I'm looking for someone who would look after my son. Few hours in the morning and sundays

the 05/04/19 : Wednesdays and fridays babysitter needed from 15.30 till 17.00

the 20/06/17 : loking to take care of my 2 litleones 2 lovely happy girls no medical problems healthy

the 20/06/17 : looking to take care of my little ones 2 girls sarah selina 2 years and 7 months there no healt problems lovely happy babys

the 09/03/17 : Looking for a nanny on a part time basis

the 04/12/16 : Hi, I'm looking for a babysitter to look after my 10 month old daughter, Mahira.

the 13/10/16 : hiya I need a babysitter / nanny for 2 cute kids they are fun to be with thanks