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Kirsty, babysitting in Annbank KA6

Hi, I'm Kirsty, I'm 18 years old! I'm still at college but will be finished for the summer holiday in June. I babysit my niece for my sister and I very much enjoy it and would love to take it up as a job until I'm ready to go Into the Police Force. I'd say I'm really patient, outgoing, easygoing, I love seeing kids smile, I get along easily with children. I'd say I'm a fun person but can be firm when needed. I know a lot of games as I have a 4 year old niece. I prefer having a close bond wit...

I'm 18 years old and have experience in working with children from all different ages, 0-16. I have gained this experience as I have worked in a nursery for 1 and a half years. I am always open to learning new things which I feel you have to be when working with children and young people as they are also open to trying new things. I am an extremely friendly and caring girl. I am helpful and empathetic and I believe that this is a product of my loving and close family circumstances. I have a v...

Hi my name is Christine I had two sons both now married one has two children which I love to look after and have done since they were born I feel I have a lot to offer don't believe in children being left in front of the television when I have my grandchildren after School we go walking weather permitting we play games painting swimming we also bake simple things sponges tray bake make sure homework done.of need to get children bathed and ready for bed