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Jess, babysitter in West bromwich

Hi I'm Jess and I am 20 years of age, I have been working with children and babies for the past 2.5 years in day nurseries and a primary school, children absolutely love me. I am looking for a babysitting job in the West Bromwich area, because I do not have my own form of transport I would ideally like a job in B71 or B70 area. I have younger siblings too who I also have to look after, the youngest child I have looked after is 6 months and the oldest is 11 but she is my sister, professionall...
Georgee, babysitter in West bromwich

My name is Georgee, I am a 17 year old girl coming 18 in December. I am able to babysit children of various ages as I have babysat children aged 1-13. I have had previous experience as a babysitter as I have looked after my own siblings for since I was 14 as my mum and dad are in full time work. Also, I have looked after other family members children such as my cousins when they have needed a babysitter at short notice e.g. They have had a cancellation. I have experience and practice with man...
Melissa, babysitter in West bromwich B70

I'm Melissa and I'm 17. Currently I'm at college studying AS levels and would like to do something I enjoy in my spare time to earn some money. I have always enjoyed working with children; I have experience working with nursery children as well as from helping out close family friends with their children. I'm looking to give part time babysitting preferably with children over the age of 1. I'm available most evenings and weekends as well as bank holidays and school holidays. I studied Health ...
Cereana, baby sitter in West bromwich

I'm 14 years old I have 5 siblings myself I look after them sometimes and on school days I pick them up from school I love spending time with children and walking my dog missy and I would be very happy to help out with other children or walking dogs now its the holidays what a better way to spend it with the things I love doing in my spare time I love horse riding and swimming and taking my sister to the park and seeing as its summer what better way to spend summer by doing the things you l...
Ritu, au pair in West bromwich B70

miss Ritu West bromwich kind loving strict playful careful love cooking love cleaning love meeting families love making people happy I AM very bright I AM very enthusiastic I try to prompt young and elderly to be independent so if you looking for someone like me who will teach you children to cook at a early stage very carefully and slowly I think learning how to cook at the age of 4 and onwards will inspire children to learn alot more about cook...
Jacob, child care in West bromwich

My name is Jacob and I like working with children , most children like me , I'm quite a funny and chilled out guy. If the child is in school I can help them with work and teach them cool things.your child would be very safe with me Becasue i am a very cautious person I would like to either work with toddlers or children in secondary school , I am good at science so if you want your child to learn about science then I am your guy
Michaela, babysitter in West bromwich

My name is Michaela and I am a young 50 years of age, with a 17 year old daughter. I am a single parent, who has an extremely strong work ethic. During the day I work as an Ofsted registered childminder, with a rating of "Good". I am qualified in first aid, safeguarding young children and food hygiene. Children are cared for in a friendly, homely atmosphere, where they are encouraged to grow into confident, happy individuals and a range of daily activities is provided, with any sp...
Cadelle, occasional childcare in West bromwich B70

Hi i am a young mother to a one year old little boy i dont work as i am a full time mother so i have a load of free time my partner works night so i can come and help you with your house chores and your children in the day and you are welcome to leave your children at my home your free to come and check it out and my son loves playing with children i have 3 siblings 16 10 and 9 i grew up to look after them doing school runs and helping my mum round the house as she was a single parent i have ...
Beth Lian, after-school childcare in West bromwich

My name is Bethany Lian and i am 21 years old and am currently studying to be a TA and i live in Sandwell. As a person, I am a very outgoing, confident and courageous person. I am always willing to help out fellow work colleagues, and always up for a challenge whether that’s mentally or physically, I will endeavour to take it all within my stride. I will always take it within my stride. I am also always aiming to get the best possible result as quickly and as professional as possible. I lik...
Kayleigh, after-school childcare in West bromwich

I'm fun and easily adaptable, always been around children ranging in age as I have a large extended family full of cousins, nieces and nephews. I have recently finished university and I am taking a gap year before beginning my teaching degree. My qualities as a child carer? I enjoy spending time with children making them laugh and filling their days with fun. I can help with homework and reading, spend time playing with the children to help their imaginations flourish.
Nabila, sitter - B70 West bromwich

I'm Nabila , i live in West Bromwich and i'm searching for a Babaysitting job/Part-time care by having experience in this camp, i worked as a child carer several times, especially with kids over 3 years .I also worked as a privat teacher for children who needed help with Homeworks and foreign languages. I can speak four languages fluently , wich are English, Italian, Bengali and German. In addition, i'm very good at Art and maths and i love reading and being creative by organizing funny ac...
Katie, babysitter - B70 West bromwich

I am a 15 year old student, currently in year 11, who is looking for work helping parents with their children when required. I have experience with babysitting family members and children of family friends. I have a passion for children and helping them with their education. I already achieve passing grades therefore it would be an honour to help your children with their school work.
Simran, baby sitter in West bromwich B70

Hello my name is Simran. I am 19 years old. I am currently studying a course in childcare and then when I am finished my level 2 and level 3 I go hopefully go off to university to do a foundation degree in child and psychology. I am a kind hearted, calm, patient, reasonable, hardworking, well-mannered and responsible person. I will help the children with their homework as much as I can, play whatever age appropriate games the children have, read books to the children and watch again age appro...
Courtney, babysitter - B70 West bromwich

My name is Courtney , I'm 16 years old and currently having my dbs check done. I'm currently doing my childcare courses as I would like to build my understanding and eventually be able to build and run my own nursery. My experience with children is looking after my younger brothers aged at the time 1/8 and now 4/11. In the experience I did meals, kept the children entertained, helped with homework and bathed them and did house work. I love drawing and painting which the children loved as I w...

Hi I am a mother to 3 children, I have a 3, 5 and a 7 year old, I have my own home and can offer babysitting services here, I would treat any child that came into my home as my own. I am willing to care, feed, wash and entertain up to 3 children up to the age of 10. In my home we do lots of crafts, we watch films, play and most important we read and get our homework done. I would need to care for them in my own home in my time, I am free, Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays all day, I...
Sarah, babysitter - B70 West bromwich

My names Sarah I'm 15 years old and in year 11, I'm looking for babysitting jobs so I can gain more experience with children of all ages for my preferable future job. I'm also an animal lover so pets of any kind don't bother me. I'm mostly looking for babysitting jobs after school, so during the evening, and on the weekends. However, during the school holidays I would be able to do any day. As I'm still in high school I don't have child care qualifications but I am first aid trained.

There are two of us were both thirteen and looking for a job. We are very good with kids we are looking to babysit occasionally when needed. We babysit members of our families, we can read stories we can play games like hide and seek and learn the children good manners and how to read
Laura, babysitter in West bromwich B70

Hi I am Laura I am 17 years old, I would like to do babysitting jobs for weekends. I am caring, easy going and helpful, responsible. I would always play with the child and get to know them and help with any struggles/problems the child might have make sure they child is happy and looked after well.

I am an open-minded individual who wishes to succeed in life. I present myself as a young professional and treat all aspects of study and social life in a measured but enthusiastic manner. I am confident, very trustworthy, friendly, good with all types of people, polite, caring, have a sense of humour, well organised, honest and reliable. I am a hardworking person who is keen and conscientious with an excellent attendance record at school and college. I always work to the best of my ability t...
Georgia, occasional childcare in West bromwich

I'm 18 years of age. I have helped looked after and babysit children from new born up to 10 years. I have cooked for children, and helped with school work and reading. I have worked in a playgroup and done work experience in a primary school. I am able to cope with multiple children at one time. I'm patient, calm and understanding.
Demi, sitter in West bromwich

I’ve taken care of family members/close family’s children. This includes a child who has autism, Down syndrome and other health conditions. I have looked after children with various different ages. I have also worked in a nursery and a primary school developing skills and knowledge about the care the children require.

I am an asian female aged 48 I'might married and have alot of experience in looking after younger children, from babies to primary school. I have been working with children for over 25 years. I have two grown up children of my own. I am a very hard working happy person. Children love working with me and find me funny at times, as I treat them as my own. I am very professional at my job and take it very seriously. I play with any games children like to play with. I love to sing and teach singi...
Angelika, baby sitter in West bromwich B70

My name is Angelika, I am 19 years old. I have daughter, she is 2 and a half. I was looking after my younger siblings and my little nieces. I am in England from 4 years, I was learning in Primary and Secondary school in here. I come from Poland, so thats a language that I know really good. I am able to help You with cleaning, cooking, baking or even shopping. I am able to take Your little ones on playground and learn some new things that will help my daughter too.

I have been career for 15 years i worked with care for children 10 years i love kids and i am caring person who has so much exeperince willing to learn new skills that help me in my job Am very hard working can deal with all sort problems behiover problems with kids also help with everydays needs also help famlies too can be trusted and supervise kids on my owm have also have two kida of my own so have real exeperince at home am willing do best care i can give and love my job 100 percent i...
Rose, babysitting - B70 West bromwich

My name is Rose, I am 22 years old and have been working with kids for 10 years, starting with my small brothers, and my own child. I feel comfortable watching many children at one time. Although I love working with all ages, I am especially drawn towards children 0-5 years old. I hope to meet you and have the opportunity to work with your children and/or child. Cheers, Rose

I like to be called Desi and i am 5ft10inch tall and i love to play sports in general. my favorite sport id netball and i also play for the West Bromwich team. I am currently also volunteering with the British red cross and i really enjoy doing that because i love to get to learn new skills and but my own skills towards a good cause. i love to look after children because they generally make me feel happy when i am around them.

i am originally from Mauritius. Mother of a 2 years old daughter. Recently moved from London to West Bromwich. I used to work for Santander Bank as a personal banker. i can speak, read and write 3 languages : English, French and Hindi. I am very patient, caring and trustworthy. I can teach to read and write. I love children and be part of their small world. Got enough place for your child to play and do activities at my place. i can also help in homework completion for primary and secondary. ...

I have 3 grown up daughters and 7 grandchildren at the moment I work part-time as a cleaning supervisor and I will be made redundant soon due to relocation of employment. I have been looking after my youngest granddaughter since she was a year old while her parents are working she is now almost 3 years old and starts nursery in September. I was born and raised in the United Kingdom. I have a great personality and enjoy making new friends.
Shannon, sitter in West bromwich B70

Hi I'm Shannon, I would love to help out. I love children, I've had some experience with children, I do Health and Social Care at sixth form and have had an experience looking after babies, Primary school kids and Elderly people so I have an experience of both, I will do any to make the kids happy, I can cook and clean so I can help out. I can help out with homework as well
Carly, babysitter in West bromwich

My name is Carly and i have been working with children for years now in a variety of different settings, it is my passion to work with children of all ages. I am a qualified teaching assistant/support assistant and i am currently undertaking a BA Hons in Childhood Studies.