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the 29/05/22 : Hello everyone, I am looking for a childminder or a nanny who can drop off and pick up my children (2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening) The drop off will be at the school breakfast club and the pick up will be from the school afternoon club to my home until I return. The location for both is the same place.

the 02/02/22 : I am a mum of 3 little children, ages 6, 4, and 2 looking for a childminder who will help me prepare my kids for school at 6 am, drop them off at their breakfast club at 7.30 am and pick them up from after school club at 16.30pm/17.30 pm max. The childminder will then stay at my home until I return from work around 8 pm. This position starts Tomorrow the 3rd of Feb at 6 am. Anyone available urgently contact me. Thank you

the 20/09/21 : Pick up from school and care for kids for up to 2 hours.

the 02/09/21 : I need some one who will look after my baby when I am at school. She is 6 mounts old, very cute:)

the 24/08/20 : I’m working so I will need someone to stay with the little one

the 03/08/20 : I'm after a child minder for my 6 year old son..pick up if can in the mornings or I can drop him off. I do start work at 6am but this can be changed to a more suitable time. I only do this in the school holidays so I'm back home for 12 to spend time with my family. Also looking for when they go back to school for him to be dropped off in the mornings only. Thank you

the 26/07/20 : Have 2 children aged 4 and 6 that need childcare for. School pickup x3 days a week but could be 4

the 04/02/20 : Childminder who drop off my son to school

the 23/11/19 : My wife was looking for a Job for long and she got one recently which starts by start of January, we have a 2 year old daughter, she is not old enough to attend regular schools, Hence we are looking for a Nanny preferably to come to our home to look after my daughter. My wife has working hours from 10-6 so its expected to have the Nanny around at least until 6.30

the 03/11/19 : I am looking for a official registered nanny or childminder to look after my 1 year old son in one week at early mornings till late afternoon, another week from afternoon till late evening.

the 16/10/19 : I need a helping hand. I'm a single, working mother of a 3 year old currently looking for assistance on regard to getting my daughter to nursery in the morning. If you can help please let me know

the 19/07/19 : Will need someone 3 days a week to take care of my 2 children. Will involve school runs for both children.

the 16/07/19 : Am looking for childcare for my two kids aged 5 and 8 from August

the 20/06/19 : I have 2 boys ages 2-6 and one daughter age 7 I will need a babysitter to collect my children at 3:00pm from a school in oldbury and watch them until 4:00pm on a Monday and Wednesday as I’m in college also I may need you to be able to pick my youngest son from nursery for 11:15am but you may not need to collect at 11:15

the 13/02/19 : We live in West Bromwich and my -0 year old goes to schuin Tipton. Looking for a nanny who can Provide and hour support to get him ready and drop at school. Also pick from school and provide care until 5:30.

the 18/10/18 : trustworthy, flexible experienced person to look after my child
Shayla, looking for childcarer in West bromwich B70

the 16/10/18 : Hello my name is Shayla and i'm married with 3 boys (2 of which don't need looking after) however, my little boy is 7 and is Autistic/ ASD and has a communication disorder. I'm a care worker and my only availability for work are as follows Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Weekends. However, there are times that i may be asked to cover on a Tuesday/Thursday . On the other days of the week a family member can look after my little boy but not on a Tuesday/Thursday (which is fair enough) but this ...

the 23/09/16 : Am a father of 3 childern 12 y boy 10 y girl and 7 y boy full times worker need someone to take care the children to school and bring them home until I come back from work

the 16/09/16 : I'm a nurse doing night shifts and need some one to stay with my 8 year old over night

the 17/07/16 : Hi I need a childminder to pick my 3 year old up from morning nursery at 11.45, and look after him until the evening the westbromeich area. He will need to be fed after nursery and clothes changed and washed if necessary, he likes to have a little hour nap in this Time or to play or watch cbeebies, Disney channel etc. This will be a permanent role for the next year, it will be every weekday 11.45 untill 5pm the latest, also In the school holidays u may be needed to look after my other 2...
Ayesha, offer babysitting in West bromwich

the 30/05/16 : Hi I have a 16 month old son and I'm looking for a babysitter that can have my son at their home. It will be an 'as and when' job. It would be great if you drove as I could ask for pick ups and drop offs, to which I would pay extra. I'm at college doing an access course and I didn't realise how much time I would need to study. Thanks Ayesha and Kye-Memphis