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Rebecca, childcare provider in Hereford HR1

Hello, My name is Rebecca. I am a caring, reliable and bubbly person who loves working with children and helping them develop. I currently live in Berkshire, however will be moving up to the Hereford area in June/July 2018. I am expecting my own baby in August 2018, therefore a position where I could potentially bring my child with me when my partner is working would suit best. I am looking to become a Nanny again after approx 2 years in a different career, however due to family c...
Michalina, nanny in Hereford HR1

I'm a young Pole who always loved kids. My family is really big and my main task on every family party (and also when parents were away) was to take care of (all) children. I am very optimistic and happy person I love to share my happiness with other. I love to play with kids (especially outside), I would say I'm pretty good at coming up with some fun games in garden or patio. Honestly I'm looking for a job in which I would not feel like working but like having fun (taking care etc.) with gre...
Zoe, home childcare - HR1 Hereford

My name is Zoe. I'm 18 years old and live in Hereford. I love looking after children and that's all I've ever done. I have a very big family full of little ones and children up in their early teens, I'm like the family babysitter as I've cared for them and looked after them for family from a young age. I studied child care in high school and got a pass, I then went on to do an apprenticeship in child care. I have my Level 2 in child care and early years. I have worked in nurseries for nearly ...
Nyasha, foreign au pair in Hereford

My name is nyasha whitney , I am currently 18 years old and will be completing my Level 2 in children and young people workforce in February. I am currently working at lollipops nursery, this is where I am doing my training. I am very enthusiastic about working with children, it is more than a job it is a passion. I am willing to put in 110% in every chance I get, making sure the children enjoy every day with a smile, a laugh and some new knowledge aswell. I do what I do because I enjoy...
Helena, home childcare in Hereford HR1

Hello! I'm Helena, 29 from Herefordshire. I have a degree in FIne Art, and am also a professional musician! Ive had a lot of experience looking after children, mostly my 2 sisters' little eldest sister has 4 boisterous boys, and I'm often left in a position of sole responsibility of all of them! My other sister has a boy and girl, and also often leaves me to look after them. She's also a primary school teacher, and I have spent time helping out in her classroom, and also worked ...
Heather, nanny in Hereford

Hello! My name is Heather, I am a 21 year old female looking for work in child care. I have a variety of experience in this sector, from voluntary work in schools, one to one teaching with primary school ages, ski tuition to children, to baby sitting and child minding. I recently graduated from university this year, and have found that working with children is my real passion. As a childminder I offer learning, kindness and ensure that all vital skills/characteristics in life ar...
Courtney, childcare in Hereford HR1

I am a fun, outgoing young woman with 3 years experience in the childcare, nursery setting. I also have my own child, a little girl who is 15 months old so I have plenty of experience with children of all ages. I love to be outdoors, taking my daughter to the park & feeding the ducks in my spare time, I also like to spend time with my family, especially my great nan. I have certificates in health & safety, food hygiene, level 1 & 2 childcare (willing to complete my level 3) basic first aid & ...
Sophie, home childcare in Hereford

Hello, My name is Sophie and I have just moved to Hereford after working in a primary school in Northamptonshire for two years. I thoroughly enjoy working with children and am looking to continue in Hereford. I have looked after children of many different ages and with different medical/educational needs. I am patient, hardworking, friendly, reliable and enthusiastic and would love to carry on doing what I love - looking after children! Thanks for taking the time to read my presentation, S...
Liz, nanny in Hereford HR1

I am a qualified nanny and have several years experience, I have recently had two little boys and so have been on maternity. I am now looking for a new family to work with approx 27+hours a week. I'm fun and helpful and can provide as much or little structure to your children's day, indoor and outdoor activities to provide stimulation. I can provide references and any questions please ask.
Danielle, au pair in Hereford HR1

Hi I'm Dani and have always loved children, I plan to start part time courses early next year to gain qualifications in childcare. I've worked in many different industries and have loved ninety percent of them but have always wanted to get into childcare somehow as I've been told it's what I'm meant to do. I've always been praised and told how great I am with children and would love the opportunity to do this line of work on a daily basis.
Kieran, nanny in Hereford HR1

Hi There, My name is Kieran I am 18 years of age and will be 19 this July, I have had over 7 Years Experience within the childcare sector due to myself having 2 younger Siblings both under the ages of 7 years. I can provide excellent care for your little ones, I am reliable and Trustworthy but I will need a day notice due to living south side of the river due to timing of getting to destinations. If you would like to get in touch with myself then please do not hesitate to contact me. Many thanks
Peter, au pair in Hereford HR1

Hello, my name is Peter As a childcarer, I am a very jolly person that easily gets along with all different types of children, however I also have the ability to make sure the child(ren) don't misbehave. I am a very flexible person being able to adapt to any family's specific lifestyle, for example I have helped care for someone with autistic tendencies so am able to adapt to whatever each individual child's need. I believe that the little tricks that I have picked up like being ab...

My name is Lizzie, I'm currently 17 years old, turning 18 in August, I am working as a full time nanny for a lovely family at the moment, however unfortunately the family are moving away and therefore I will no longer be able to care for the children, I have a lot of experience with all ages, coming from a large family, I have grown up with having the responsibility of looking after children. I am trust worthy, hard working, organised and always on time, I enjoy spending time with children an...
Harley, au pair - HR1 Hereford

My name is Harley and I'm 24. I'm currently working in a residential home with young people with ESBD. I have over 5 years experience with working with young children. I am a very calm and fun person to be around. I worked in a private nursery for 7 years and the reason for ending my employment there, was purely down to change, as felt I could no longer gain anymore experience within my role. If you would like further information about me, feel free to ask.
Dané, foreign au pair in Hereford

Hi There! I am Dané , I recently moved to England from South Africa. I am looking for live-in employment as an Au Pair. I am friendly and outgoing, patient and always try my best to help where I can. I enjoy drawing and playing card games, I also like ball games (netball, hockey, tennis), horse riding and playing Xbox. I would like to think I am a good cook but that would be up to you to decide! I also have no issues helping around the house and helping children with their homework. I lov...
Holly, nanny in Hereford HR1

Hello my name is Holly , I am 28 years old and I live in Hereford. I have had over 9 years of experience in childcare Working with children from 6 months to 12 years old. I am very flexible with my time as I have no other commitments. I have NVQ level 2 in early years and education A full DBS check And first aid training. I am a very caring, bubbly, happy, positive, reliable person And I have lots of good ideas for different activities to keep your children Occupied. Such as messy play....
Amy, childcare - HR1 Hereford

Hi, my name is Amy. I Love working with and looking after children. I am a very outgoing and creative person. I currently work in a nursery but am looking to work with fewer children. I would love the opportunity to work with you :)
Becci, childcare in Hereford HR1

Hello I have over 11 years childcare experience with with children newborn to 12 years. I love doing arts and craft, and messy play and letting children explore. I love taking the children outdoors, and exploring their surrounding, including den building, leaf collecting, I like the Children to be children and get messy and muddy if they want to. I also enjoy cooking with the children, and encourage them to Tidu up their toys, and help do small jobs.
Abbey, nanny - HR1 Hereford

I am 19 years old and have previously worked in a dental practice and have done some reception work. I enjoy looking after children, I often babysit my 5 year old nephew and my mums friends children. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. I like to provide support and help wherever possible.
Bethany, foreign au pair in Hereford

Hi I’m Beth, I’m caring and reliable and I am looking for a job in child care. As the oldest of a large family I have plenty of experience with children of all ages, I have completed work experience in a nursery and I currently work in a residential home. I am available any time! Preferably full time as a nanny. If you would like to know anything else please ask. I look forward to hearing from you x
Charlie, nanny - HR1 Hereford

I am 17. I have completed my nvq level 2 in childcare. I worked at a nursery for 12 months and feel this is not for me. I am currently training to be a dance teacher in my spare time but love being with children. I am available for babysitting or childminding in the day. I already look after a 10 month girl 2 times a month.

I have worked as a Professional Nanny for almost 30 years . I feel I have the following Trust Loyalty Fairness Patience Crafty Educated Loving good photographer Good driver Good cook I love to do all sorts of things with children I think I'm a good nanny I have lived every position and I'm still in touch with all my families and their children .

My names bryony I live in Hereford. I'm 18 years old and love being around children, i come from a large family so i am used to being around children. Ive done babysitting in the past and also started a live in nanny job back last year. I done some childcare in school, I've always wanted to work with children.

I have been a nanny since 18, with babies and toddlers mostly. I had my own daughter in 2003 and raised her to school age, then I went back to work as a nanny with a family and also a nanny-share for the next 3 years. I also registered to be childminder for a short time. I interact with the children it my care with age associated activities. I enjoy going to children centres, and playgroups, and spend as much time outdoors as possible. I make sure children have a well balanced healthy, vari...

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I am originally from Lancaster, but have moved down here in February 2016. I am 18 years old. I have never done childcare but i do look after my two nephews aged 8 and 3 and i have a little sister who is 11. I am used to children as i have a big family with lots of children in. I am at the moment working at salon100 in Hereford but fancy a change of job, childcare is something i would love to do as i love children. I like to have fun with my nephews and play games but i also like to tidy up...

Hi I'm Ashleigh. I have over 4 years experience working with children aged 0-11. I currently work in a day nursery and have completed a Foundation Degree in Early Years. I hold a full UK driving licence and have a Paediatric first aid certificate. I love working with children and feel like I'm friendly, patient and hardworking.

I'm currently looking for part time work that i can fit around my family commitments, as I'm a mother of two boys. I have had many years experience of working as a Nanny, in Nurseries and a childminder. I have a Cache Certificate in Childcare and Education and have done other course to do with childcare e.g Safe guarding, Childhood obesity, Supporting 2 year old in EYFS. I enjoy doing activities in and out of the home and make sure everything is suitable for the children's age ranges. Mak...

My name is Lisa. I am 24 years of age and I have recently finished a Ba Honours Degree in Social Welfare and I am looking to pursue a career in children's services. I have looked into Nannying/child minding and feel this role would suit me as I like various activities, being active and involved in tasks also. I have experienced working with children in a variety of settings and thoroughly enjoy what I have done so far.

I have 10 years plus in childcare in various job roles. Sole charge nanny Crèche worker in children's centre Deputy manager in a preschool. I also volunteer at a local Brownie group. Always looking for new opportunities to met and help families with either babysitting or a few days nannying. I am DBS, First aid, safeguarding. Food hygiene and have lots of other courses I have done.