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the 13/05/19 : I leave for work at 7am and my husband leaves at 7.45. We need someone to look after our daughter in the mornings. Her aunt will have her in the afternoons So we are looking for someone who can ideally start at 7am till 2pm

the 09/04/19 : Watch my girl and give her food on time

the 28/03/19 : Nanny required.

the 16/03/19 : To help after school 3 nights a week. 8 and 10 year old. Until 7pm
Ina, is looking for part time nanny - BD8 Bradford

the 22/02/19 : Hi. My name is Ina. I'm looking for a childminder for my 6 years old boy to be picked up from the school on Wednesdays at 3:10. The school area is BD8. I need a reliable person to stay with him till approximately 5:30. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you!

the 14/02/19 : I run a fitness business and need a baby sitter as I deliver fitness sessions. From 9am - 12pm and from 5-30pm to 8:30pm

the 11/02/19 : Childcare for my two lovely boys aged 8 & 10 for when mine and my husband shifts overlap, early mornings for getting ready for school/schools drop, pick ups, homework, bedtime, some late nights and very occasional late late night. Able to give dates in advance. Thanks

the 02/02/19 : Childcare for School Holiday.

the 22/01/19 : I need someone to collect my son from nursery (11.40) and then stay with him the entire afternoon, also to collect my daughter from school at 15.15 and help her with her homework. Sometimes I need to travel, so during this time, I need someone who would take them to the school too (they need to enter nursery at 8.40 and school at 8.45 - they attend the same school).

the 02/01/19 : I am looking for someoen to pick my kids from school. Bring them home. Feed them and then drop them off to mosque

the 21/12/18 : I require a child minder to look after my 6 month old baby for roughly 4 hours a day from 12-4 Monday to Friday

the 10/12/18 : Childminder, baby sitter who can work from their home till late evenings.

the 15/10/18 : I need childcare from 7am untill 8.55 school drop off to fearnville primary school

the 11/10/18 : Need child minder for after school care

the 19/09/18 : Needing a babysitter/Nanny to work from our house to include: Drop offs/pick ups After nursery activities(Horse care) Meal Prep Dog Care Must have own car and be okay with animals! Please contact me for more information.

the 16/09/18 : Prefebly who has other children as my little boy needs to interact with more kids before he attends nursery and school. Pets I’m not too bothered about but will like to come and have a look around meet the pets ect.

the 29/08/18 : Require temporary childminder Price to be £4 per hour

the 07/08/18 : I'm looking for care primarily for a 1.5 year old Tues-Thurs plus some additional wrap around care for a 3.5 year old whose at preschool 9am-3pm.

the 06/08/18 : We need someone to look after 3 boys, 2 9f 8 years and one of 10. They are at school locally. Ideally the person could calls be a housekeeper while the kids are at school but we have some flexibility.

the 02/06/18 : Urgent..I need a carer for our daughter for a month.i.e July 2018.for the first 6, 7 days we will be needing the carer for a full time and afterwards hourly or occassionally.

the 05/04/18 : I need Childminder who will look after my son as well , help him for his homework n also picks him up from house n drop bck as weell

the 25/02/18 : Looking for a part time nanny for our soon to be 2 year old for approximately 5 hours per week on Mondays.

the 18/02/18 : I need a childminder for my son

the 18/02/18 : I need Someone to pick up and drop of Sofia to school and stay with her one or two hours a day during school time! she îs 4 years old !

the 26/12/17 : Seeking Nanny for occasional weeknights or possible weekends

the 26/12/17 : I seek for a nanny for occasional evenings and weekends

the 14/12/17 : Hiya, I'm looking for a nanny to look after my son. The areal candidates will be able to drop their own children to school and pick them up too as I only need a carer for midday

the 13/11/17 : I need someone to drop off and pick up from school.

the 21/10/17 : Need a childminder that can do pick up from home and keep the child for an hour and drop off to school.

the 04/10/17 : need a nanny to take care of my child. pick up from school and be with him till 18:30pm.