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the 07/02/19 : I live in redcar and work in leeds my son currently goes to breakfast club and has several family members looking after him evenings - my family do not live close, i would like to be able to set off to work earler than i do to get back at a reasonable time i am currently restricted breakfast club hours, it would be handy to have a babysitter for evening/ events when required and possible a couple of after school sessions.

the 03/02/19 : We need pick up and drop off from Green Lane primary school Mon-Fri. Either a childminder or nanny/babysitter in our home.

the 28/01/19 : Really just someone available to stay home when we have somewhere to be. Our son sleeps through the night from 6pm so duties will be. Minimum.
Maxine, is looking for childcare - LS6 Leeds

the 27/01/19 : In need of a childminder for my 3 year old and 1 year old For the 8th, 22nd, 25th & 26th of February from 7am- 6pm preferably who can pick up as my partner can collect or who lives in beeston.

the 15/01/19 : I need pick up and after school child care for my kids.

the 15/01/19 : Going back to work in April. Looking for a child minder for 1 or 2 days per week. Ideally 7.30am to 5pm.
Imogen, is looking for part time childcare in Leeds

the 15/01/19 : My 2year old twin boys are currently in nursery 3 afternoons a week but we are considering move them to the local preschool in the mornings (eight fourth five until eleven forty five)We would need someone who could pick them up at lunch until we can collect them. Also when back at work we would need cover for school holidays full time. Either for our home or at yours. Can anyone help?

the 10/01/19 : We have an eight month old son who is in nursery two days a week. Unfortunately due to working shifts we are unable to collect him on Thursdays where he finishes nursery at 18.00hrs. We are looking for somebody to collect him and take him back home and provide his bedtime routine where parents will then be home at approximatly 20.00hrs.

the 20/12/18 : Looking for a Monday and Tuesday after school

the 05/12/18 : Im on a 3 week roata, so my rota changes every 3 week i do from 10 on a morning, also my partner gets home tea time to lool after the children

the 05/12/18 : Basic care for a one year old including nappy changes and lunch, collect eldest (4) from school at 3.15 which is in walking distance and give them both tea

the 04/12/18 : Hi there, I have been on maternity leave and I am going back to work in the new year. I will be working Tues, Wed full days and Thursday half days. I am looking for a childminder who lives close by to LS14. Preferably someone who is experienced with babies and toddlers. I would prefer my daughter to be around children of a similar age to her(15 months).

the 03/12/18 : To pick my one year old from nursery and 5 year old from school and look after until we come back from work(around 5.30 p.m)

the 25/11/18 : Mothers help/nanny for 2 mornings every week. Mum will mostly be in the house, but working in home office. Activities with child to include arts and crafts, playing in the garden, going to the park.

the 21/11/18 : We are looking for a reliable nanny for our one month old baby boy for about 3-4 hours per day.

the 19/11/18 : Hi, I'm currently looking for someone to take care of my 4year old daughter halle, it isn't necessary that she is looked after at my property (if you're a childminder that would work too) but im looking for somebody to pick her up from Kirkstall Valley primary school at 3:10 and care for her until 6pm Thankyou

the 18/11/18 : Looking for a ofsted registered child minder to pick my son up from school.

the 08/11/18 : Looking for someone close to home looking for at least 2 full days of childcare

the 03/11/18 : Caring , Flexible , Person with some experience with child care and person that can understand family needs when changes are made and requested .

the 26/10/18 : I would like to have my kids picked up after school at 3:15 and stay with the sitter at their home or mine which ever is available until about 6pm 2 days a week.

the 26/10/18 : Seeking a nanny to mainly work Tues-Wed 8-5 but need every 4 weeks 5 days/week. Need drop off and pick up from school and to help with son’s homework. Need someone to take my daughter to fun stimulating places during the day.

the 11/10/18 : I start a new job at Adel Primary on 5.11.18 and am looking for someone to look after him.

the 09/10/18 : I am starting work around the 24th October and would need help to drop off before school and pick up afterwards.

the 01/10/18 : I need my son collecting from grange farm school and looking after until at the latest 6 pm i will usually be there around 5 but some evenings it will be 6. he will need a snack that is all.

the 01/10/18 : Child Care required from 8am until 2.30pm

the 21/08/18 : every Tuesday to pick up my son in the afternoon and look after him until 17:30 and every Wednesday to look after him from 07:30 and send him to school

the 28/07/18 : Hello, I have a 7 month old daughter who will need taking care of in a warm, living, consistent and secure environment. She gets up at 7am and goes to bed around 7pm, has breakfast around 8am, lunch at 12pm and dinner around 5pm. I would need someone to be at our home from between 7-7:30am and leave between 5-7pm. It is important to me that my daughter is interacted with, taken on walks in the local areas and has lots of fun!

the 26/07/18 : I work in Leeds and I am looking at options for childcare in the city centre

the 21/06/18 : We are looking for someone to pick up a 6 year old boy from seacroft grange and watch him for a few hours till I finish work. Occasional Saturday care needed too.

the 26/03/18 : I am looking for a reliable and caring person to pick up my two daughters from school every week day, bring them home, fees them and help them with their homework and tidying up their room till I return from work. It will be 3.30 to 6pm weekdays.