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the 18/05/19 : I have got a 5 year old daughter. She needs care between 11:15 to 3:45 on Saturdays but also on Mondays after school. We are looking for registered childcare as we are claiming tax credits.

the 10/04/19 : Hi, we're looking for a baby-sitter who can stay in the house when the kids are sleeping. The parents will put their kids to bed and will be in the building next door so you can call them if one of the kids wakes up. Ideally from 9pm to 2am but we're quite flexible. French speaking baby sitter would be great.

the 24/03/19 : To look after Isla, 1 year old, tue-wed-thu 7.30 to 17.00. French speaker would be ideal as Isla is half British half French.
Myoungeun, looking for nanny in Canterbury CT1

the 21/03/19 : Hello,      I am a mummy of two boys, aged of 6 and 5, they are in st. Stephen's infant school now. We came from South Korea originally when they are babies, and I am on my own with them :) English is not their mother language but they started from nursery here.    I am looking for after school nanny who can help pickup (walking distance) and their snack, homework and play.     My younger one was diagnosed of ASD but I don't think he is severe at all in his understanding. He is late ...

the 18/03/19 : Hello! We're looking to get our daughter into pre-school two afternoons a week from September 2020 (tbc, provided we get a place), and need a lovely person to collect her and watch her until I get home at around 5:30. Alternatively would also be happy for someone who accepts the 15 hours free funding to look after her for 2 whole days a week (about 8:30 to 9:30). Thank you :)

the 09/01/19 : We are looking for a nanny for our two children. A boy 12 and girl 10. Help them get ready to school/do the school run in the morning Collet from school, cook dinner/homework/play time in the afternoon. We live in the centre of town.

the 30/09/18 : care for baby boy

the 18/08/18 : 6 and 8 year old needing collecting from school two afternoons per week. Take them to various clubs/sports and look after them until parents return from work. Ideal for student in Canterbury who has the flexibility with a limited hours course.

the 16/04/18 : My wife works part time, so we are looking for care for our 1 1/2 y/o for tues, Weds and thurs morning. Our 5 and 7 y/o go to the local school and would need drop off and pick up (5mins walk). We would then be home by 5.

the 15/01/18 : Need someone to collect my children at primary school, cook dinner Monday to Friday from 6pm. On a Tuesday to collect daughter from school and take her to ballet and then collect son. Have a son at secondary but he gets home by himself. Kids do ten mins reading everyday. Thankyou

the 17/09/17 : Hi there, We are looking for someone to look after our 2yr old boy in our home. His current childcare is split between nursery, grandparents and us. We need to cover on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for ideally one day (or perhaps one and a half days), but we are relatively flexible which of those days are best for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

the 25/07/17 : Pick up my little one from nursery at 12pm till 5:30pm. I would usually leave her lunch prepared and snacks. No cleaning but reasonable expectations to clear up toys. Fun-outdoor-Crafty nanny 😊

the 27/03/17 : I am a full-time working dad with my son and daughter living with me age 6 and 11. There mother and i do not live together in constant communication and well-being regarding the kids. looking for someone to work Monday till Thursday picking them up from school take them to activities after school! like Monday karate, Wednesday ballet, Thursday modern dance. There care after school is to be done at our home. Will also be looking for during the holidays if their mother and i are not able to g...

the 13/11/16 : j'ai besoin de laisser mon enfant entre de bonne mains le temps que je travail.

the 30/03/16 : childcare from 8-1500hrs every tuesday

the 27/12/15 : We require an occasional babysitter approximately once a month preferably on a Saturday evening. A carer with experience of autism/additional needs is necessary.

the 23/01/15 : Help looking after my daughter for just an hour on Mondays