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the 21/03/19 : For me and partner to go cinema or drinks once a week or once a fortnight
Talence, is looking for part time childcare in Barnsley S70

the 20/03/19 : please l need urgent help from tomorrow morning before school at 7am and for a school drop off and pick up and Friday as well. l will pay a bit extra please. Thank you

the 05/03/19 : Needing help with my 9 year old son, wrap around care. Getting him up for school and taking him to breakfast club. May need someone from as early as 6:10 am. Then someone to pick him up from school at 3:30pm and watch him possibly until 6:00pm. Not sure when the start date will be, at present waiting to hear back from new employer if start date due to delay with references.

the 19/01/19 : I am going to be on a training course shortly and need someone for school pick up and to stay with my son an hour after. After the training has finished I will need someone from 5:00/5:30 am start time to 5:00 pm this will all be dependant on my shift pattern and will alter each week. But need someone available between those hours. May need before school at 5:00/5:30 am to make sure child gets up and has breakfast, gets dressed. Then to drop him off at school which is 10 mins away from ou...

the 03/01/19 : I need someone to pick up my daughter from nursery at 6 pm and wait till I come from work at about 11pm
Kerry, is looking for babysitter in Grimethorpe S72

the 03/01/19 : Two children one with autism .

the 04/12/18 : Looking for nanny / childminder for Mondays-Wednesday from 2pm-5pm

the 11/10/18 : Pick up from school and look after until tea time.
Lindsey, looking for childcarer in Darton

the 10/10/18 : I need a babysitter for a night out on the 18th of October, and hopefully occasionally in the future. I'm a single parent to two beautiful girls and don't really have anyone to look after them when I go out. My mum used to babysit occasionally but she works a lot now and is rarely free.

the 20/09/18 : The school is 10 mins walk from home.

the 17/09/18 : Hi i qm looking for someome to watch my child while me and my partner are at work earliest start 7 till 6

the 03/09/18 : y name is Margaret I am looking for someone who would take care of my daughter. I am looking for a person who would be available in clear hours and days a graphic for a week, for example, we can set earlier. I have one shift at work from 6 to 4pm .that's why sometimes I may need from 5 am to 9 am (bring to school) and sometimes pick up from school at 3pm and wait until someone comes back from work.I live in worsbrough s70 4bj. The daughter is 4 minutes to school on the bank end.
Lindsey, looking for babysitter in Darton S75

the 31/05/18 : I need a babysitter for occasional nights out/afternoons out, etc. My kids are 3 and 7, and I don't currently have any childcare at all except for my mum who has them occasionally.

the 14/05/18 : I would need a nanny/childminder to look after 3 children after school. They have to be picked up at 3:30 at Tankersley and then driven home to Blacker Hill and supervised till 5/6pm. I’m not sure yet if it is the full school week or only 3 days a week.

the 09/04/18 : From 8/6 pick up and drop off worsbrough common primary
Neil, offer babysitting in Wombwell S73

the 07/01/18 : I'm a single dad...I have a 5 year old boy.... who has good bedtime routines and is a solid sleeper.. 7pm.... looking for someone to sit for him... ideally someone local who won't have a problem getting home.. thanks neil

the 21/09/17 : i am looking for someone to take care of my 2 daughters untill I am at college

the 20/08/17 : I need a professional child minder to look after and take care of my 6 month old when I go back to work either 2/3 full days a week.

the 08/07/17 : We are looking for childcare from September for afternoon collections 5 days a week from Summerfields for our son Nathan who will be going into year 2 is this something that you could help with?

the 27/06/17 : We are looking for a special person to help with our little boy. A lot of people are put off as he has Asperger's however very bright . You need to be reliable and enjoy routines and we have lots of things in our home to do!

the 03/05/17 : a 5 years old need childminder to pick from school and give dinner. I have shifts which means not regular work set but might be options for extra hours in holidays as hes at a holiday club. thanks

the 10/01/17 : seeking a babysitter for this thursday daughter (3 in feb) will be in bed please contact me asap Barnsley area

the 29/12/16 : Childcare needed tomorrow night approx 3-9pm please get in touch asap Barnsley area Thank you

the 14/12/16 : Babysitter needed asap hours available tomorrow evening and weekends to be discussed please get in touch asap

the 27/10/16 : I work two night shifts a week i work as a paramedic with the nhs. .i would need someone to stay in my house and put my two children to bed..and ensure their safety through the night. ..they are brilliant good kids aged 9 and 7...the times i require someone would be from approx 1700 until 0730 in the morning therefore school runs not needed...i have a comfortable new 3 bedroom house in wombwell town centre. I work on a relief system so it could be any two nights during monday to Sunday with ...

the 13/10/16 : need help from 7am monday to friday to get kids ready and take to school. also need help mon, wed and friday to collect from school and look after with meals ect untill i get home around 6.30 also help with housework would be great
Jessica, looking for childcarer in Barnsley S70

the 04/09/16 : Wanting an overnight babysitter from Halloween night for 2 boys aged 3 and 4 months

the 19/08/16 : Good kookingafter children live. Looking. After them

the 10/08/16 : Wanting an occasional babysitter for evenings possibly once a month so me and my partner can enjoy a night out child free. As we both work full time and have no family to help out we have only ever had 1 evening out in the last 3 years. We feel that now our daughter is getting older, now would be a good time to look for a sitter. Thanks for taking the time to look at our profile and hope to hear from you soon.

the 18/07/16 : Occasional babysitting formy 5 year old daughter.