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the 02/06/19 : Supervise school work, play games and activities and meals and snacks.

the 30/05/19 : Hi! We are looking for someone to help with a 6 year old starting p2 and a 《2 yearold for 2 days a week from August 2019

the 28/05/19 : I am looking for a babysitter for one 3 year old son, on Sunday 2nd June from 11am till approximately 2.30/3pm. Ideally in my own home. My son is an outgoing boy and can sometimes be quite shy with new people, he loves to play, read books and just be a typical 3 year old.

the 19/04/19 : Looking for someone to help with child care in my own home, 5 days a week. This is a long term position.
Michelle, is looking for nanny in Milngavie G62

the 12/04/19 : Looking for someone to help out while I’m working locally at a hairdressers It will be from 9:45am till 2:15pm Tuesday-4yr old off nursery Wednesday 4-yr old in nursery Thursday -4yr old off nursery Friday and in nursery Dilaras at milngavie nursery from 1 till 4 i only need someone to drop her off at 1 then i can collect her as I Finnish work at 2pm. If you think you are suitable for this please get in touch ASAP!!

the 28/02/19 : I would require someone to pick up my son from Torrance Nursery at 3.45pm and look after him for two hours until i can pick him up at around 5.45pm.

the 27/02/19 : Pick up from nursery at 12 and school at 3 , walk 2 cockapoo dogs

the 07/01/19 : We require a responsible, trustworthy, energetic and fun person to take care of our 3 year old before her afternoon session at nursery on Mondays through to Thursdays.

the 30/11/18 : seeking childminder on 07/01/2019 or sometimes picking up from school and childcare for 2-3 hrs on few days a week

the 20/11/18 : I’m looking for someone to drop my son and pick him up from school.

the 13/07/18 : After school childcare.

the 08/07/18 : We are looking for a nanny or childminder (or combination of the two) who could take care and look after our 2 year old son Harrison. We both work fulltime so looking for fulltime care (730/8am to 5.30/6pm) Thanks Linn

the 18/06/18 : I need a childminder who will be able to pick up from nursery and look after my daughter for around an hour until I finish work. We live in Broomhill and she will be attending nursery in Partick.

the 26/05/18 : Hi My name is Mags and I am looking for an occasional babysitter for our 3 boys, aged 6, 8 and 10. We live in Bishopbriggs and the babysitting needed is usually in the evenings from 7.30pm until 11pm or midnight. If you are interested please contact me.

the 16/05/18 : Looking for someone that can collect my child after school Mon - Fri

the 16/04/18 : I am looking for someone to take care of my daughter 3 days per week, for an 8 week period running up to the school holidays.

the 24/02/18 : Looking for help with school and nursery drop offs

the 15/02/18 : From Mid August I hope to return to work as a teacher full time at which point my son will be 9 1/2 mind old. I would like my son (Ethan) to attend nursery 2 days a week, so am therefor looking for childcare the remaining 3 days a week. My husband work full time but would be able to collect our son slightly earlier on a Friday if needed.

the 12/02/18 : I work shift pattern where it’s 4 on 4 off times are from 3pm to 7pm

the 17/01/18 : Needs to pick up nursery, school, and afterschool

the 12/01/18 : I'm a full-time working single mum who's daughter starts school this year. She's currently in a term-time nursery so I need to make sure i've got cover from the start of the Summer Holidays too.

the 04/01/18 : 2-3days a week 8-5pm

the 16/11/17 : Nanny with experience of caring for a new born needed for six months. Town centre location close to public transport links so driving licence not required.

the 05/11/17 : Looking for a childminder or nanny to help look after my 3 children age 11 , 7 , and 4 will be required for my youngest to be picked up from nursery at half 2 each day and look after my 2 eldest girls 7 and 11 after school from half 3 onwards till between 7 and half 7 if you think you could fit the job please get in touch by email

the 09/10/17 : Nursery pick up as I don't have a finish work till 4 and my wee boy finishes nursery at 3.20

the 03/10/17 : Hi I am looking for a childminder for initially a Friday. I have a three year old, Lewis, who goes to Clober nursery until 1 on a Friday so I would be looking to have him picked up at 1 till 5, and I also have an 11 month old, Innes, who I would be looking to drop off around 10ish on the Friday morning and pick up at 5.

the 30/09/17 : Pickup 7 and 9 year old from school which is 1 mile from home. If possible a bit of light housework like getting kids fed if possible.

the 28/08/17 : Im looking for a child minder ideally in Clydebank area , I work awkward shifts so would like to speak about what we can do.

the 17/08/17 : Thank you for looking

the 16/08/17 : Child care after school 8-10 hrs week flexible