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the 25/04/19 : Looking for a childminder for my 18 month old soon as I return to work

the 04/04/19 : My name is Sandrine and I am looking for a childminder to take care of my son, Finlay, who is almost 7 and who is on the Autistic spectrum. It would be 1 Saturday every 3 weeks from 8:20am to 5pm/5:15pm, and a possibility for afterschool every Thursday afternoon from 3 to 6pm after the Easter holidays as I might have extended work that day. I am looking for someone with some experience with autistic children, and able to understand and cope with some of their unusual behaviour. We will provid...

the 01/03/19 : Just 3days per week

the 09/02/19 : Looking for a nanny in motherwell, before school, after school and sometime evening or night shift. If anyone available please contact.

the 09/09/18 : Looking for full time nanny for my 2 childre age 2 and 5

the 25/07/18 : I have 2 children and one will be going to nursery on a Monday morning and all day Thursday, I would like some help on these days and a Friday with my other child who is 1 so I can do some work at home

the 15/06/18 : I am looking for a nanny/childminder/baby sitter to look after my six months daughter from the 9th of july until the 2nd of august while I go back to university and complete my 8 week nursing placement. I am looking for someone to work two possible three days from the hours 7am until 6/7pm. These days will be a thursday/friday and possible the wednesday as well. from this I will be possible looking for care in september when I return to university as well however there will be more days...

the 01/05/18 : Looking for a nanny who will take my 3 years old to nursery in the mornings and pick him at 12.30pm and stay home with him until I return between 5-6pm. This is everyday

the 28/04/18 : Need for Monday somebody who can care of my daughter

the 14/03/18 : Looking for an occasional babysitter for weekends. There maybe be a mixture of daytime and night time hours

the 23/11/17 : im needing someone who can facilitate school pick u and drop offs o wishaw academy a few days a week, early morning from 7.30am maybe a little earlier. Then 3pm to 6pm, maybe later, Monday to Thursday, varying days with the occasional Fridays. My son name is Zander, he is 10 years old with asd.

the 11/10/17 : Monday to Friday from 10am till 8.30 at night for my children sometimes from 10am to 6.30/7 pm

the 04/09/17 : This position is for one who has patience and can give all their time to our daughter during the working hours which are: Monday after school and Friday after school between the hours of 3 and 6-6:30. A Saturday is also required as we both work this would be between the hours of 9 and 6. A driving licence is much preferred as our daughter attends dancing and you would be required to take her. We do have 2 dogs so you would have to be ok with them being in the house.
Amy, is looking for part time childcare - ML2 Bonkle

the 27/08/17 : I am wanting to go back to work part time working 16 hours between Monday and Friday. So I would need care for my 2 children. That would include the full 16 hours for my daughter and possible pick up from school for my son

the 11/07/17 : I need someone to babysit my 2 girls on an occasion possibly other occasions too. Preferably someone with experiences and references .

the 08/05/17 : To drop at local school in the morning

the 27/04/17 : I am looking for a babysitter/nanny for a friday between 3 pm and 10.30 pm at night with maybe a thursday

the 09/04/17 : Need a babysitter for one night as my family has let me down and have an evening out planned for me and my patient need someone that's good at copying with really yonder kids and very reasonable .

the 10/01/17 : We are looking for a regular babysitter for evenings out generally at the weekends and also occasional after school pick up and care.

the 02/09/16 : Playing , feeding , changing, encouraging good sleep routine

the 24/08/16 : Pick up my 2 boys from Law primary and look after till 5:30/5:45

the 06/03/16 : Needed to provide care before nursery, then put into nursery 4 days a week

the 28/04/15 : School drop off and pick up