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the 19/07/22 : I will be working different shifts each week. Week 1Monday & Thursday Week 2- Tuesday Week 3- Wednesday until 5.30 on all days above
Stacy, is looking for childminder in Redditch

the 04/03/22 : Looking for a childminder in Redditch for my little 7 month old, for about 36 hours per week at all - I’m looking for Tuesday - Friday, around 8:30-5:30pm. Thanks, Stacy ☺️ x

the 01/11/21 : Hi, Looking for a babysitter for my two daughters. This will be occassional babysitting on weekend or some weekday evenings usually between 7pm - 11pm. Not much care will be involved as my children most of the time should be in beds around 8-8:30pm. Just need someone to stay with them while I am out. Have access to internet, Netflix, Disney etc. to keep you occupied while kids are sleeping. Can provide transport in and out.

the 05/10/21 : With our work commitments increasing we need help with getting the kids ready and dropped off in the morning and then collected from school

the 14/07/21 : I am looking for a childminder to collect my 2 daughters from Mount Carmel in Redditch after school on a Tuesday and Wednesday until 5/5.15pm

the 30/06/21 : I need somone to look after my 2 children a two year old and a four year old before school rill 7.30am this would be probably once or twice a week. I am a nursing student and will be on placement so early morning cate is essential please contact me

the 20/05/21 : I need a nanny for school pickup and drop off sometimes. The nanny/sitter will also take my children to their tennis training at the Batchley Community sports centre on Mondays. Money to be paid by the SFE, more hours can be negotiated with interested persons. Please contact me for details Thank you. Jasmine

the 10/05/21 : We need a childminder that drops off in the morning at Mount Carmel First School

the 27/04/21 : Hi I’m a single Mom to Dominic who is 5. I work shifts , so I am looking for someone who can help me while I am at work . Mostly after school and evening. Thanks Jordan

the 06/10/20 : Looking for term time only, due to work schedules my wife and I have. Looking for a as soon as possible start ideally

the 24/08/20 : I need someone to drop off my daughter to mount carmel first school.

the 08/08/20 : Looking fora child minder for 6 weeks holiays and every other Saturday

the 27/06/20 : I am looking for a nanny to come and join our family and look after my 1 year old some day times some night times an maybe stay overs. I also need two children 9&11 dropped to Birmingham once a fornight On a Sunday (extra £15 cash) We want One person my children can bond and grow with. My children have adhd and mild learning difficulties so must have a lot of paitents
John, offer childcare in Redditch

the 06/01/20 : I have to work away from home Monday 3rd February through till Thursday 6th February. I need a nanny to collect my 8 year-old daughter Bella from after school club at Mount Carmel first RC school in Redditch, take her home and care for her those three nights, taking her to school each morning for 8.55am and collecting her from after school club between 16.30 and 17.00 each evening. Please note, Bella's 17 year-old brother Sam will also be home, but is independant.

the 03/12/19 : I need some one Monday to friday 8am till 18.00pm / 18.30pm. must be good with children that is query autistic tendency. lovely boy but has social and emotional issues with children his age or younger and unable to cope at school. must like dogs we have 2 dogs at home who my son adores. obviously I would need some one who's happy to make him his food whilst here and you will be welcome to eat food her to. many thanks

the 13/08/19 : Im looking for someone to look after my 9 year old son for a couple of hours after school monday to friday
Katie, is looking for baby sitter in Redditch

the 16/06/19 : We are looking for an occasional babysitter to look after our 19 month old a couple of evenings per and possibly sometimes on a weekend afternoon.

the 13/03/19 : Afterschool collection, assist with homework, 1:1 playing, meal prep and clean up, assist with personal hygiene. This post would be ideal for a person who wants a long term position as we want stability for our son and for the nanny to become part of our little family. The interview would consist of two meetings one with my husband and I and one with our son. The hours we require would be 3pm-6pm, the days are negotiable but once agreed upon would be required to be fixed due to work commitments
Kerry, is looking for part time childcare - B97 Redditch

the 11/10/18 : Evening help. On a rota basis due to shifts but known 12 months in advance

the 16/09/18 : Would like someone to come and car for my 9 month old boy until he starts school. He is an absolute delight. I'd like ideally someone with experience of teaching my boy and sone fun sensory activities etc xx

the 02/08/18 : seeking childminder, two days a week weds & thurs - 8am-5.30/6pm Starting Sept 2018
Larissa, looking for nanny in Redditch B97

the 21/07/18 : I have a 3 year old and 7 year old at first school, and a 9 year old at middle school. I require my children collecting from their schools and bringing back home, myself or my husband will be home no later than 6pm. Making dinner for the children may be required on certain days.

the 12/02/17 : Day care at home

the 23/01/17 : Hi, I am going to need help twice a week on a Wednesday and Friday evening I will need you to pick my child up from nursery at 5pm, go back to my home, cook a meal for their dinner, change from day clothes and into nightwear. Bathing my child will also be included. Playing with my child's toys with my child is essential. Bed time is between 8-9pm. After you have put my child to bed, all that I ask is to have a little tidy up so toys are not everywhere, and for the washing up to be d...

the 08/10/16 : I am looking for someone to pick up my 2 children after school 2/3 times a week. We live in redditch but children go to school in studley so own car is essential. They finish school at 15.20 and we would be home for 5.30. We would also need extra help in school holidays if possible but not essential.
Aysha, is looking for babysitter in Redditch B97

the 23/09/16 : A babysitter to look after my daughter Brooke maybe get her to bed on the odd ocasion me and my partner don't get out together atall so we would like to start spending a few hours together on a Friday or Saturday evening we would like someone who can do evenings between 7 and 12 obviously we would pay there transport home aswell as pay for there time
Aysha, is looking for baby sitter - B97 Redditch

the 05/08/16 : Baby sitter to look after my daughter on odd occasions so me and my partner can have the odd night out together maybe once or twice a month. Has to be some one willing to form a bond with brooke as and be her regular babysitter when needed

the 02/06/16 : We are looking for someone who can pick up from school at 3pm and take care of our child until 8pm at the latest.
Stephanie, looking for childcarer in Redditch

the 13/04/16 : Occassional babysitting for our 13 month old son- I work for myself so sometimes have to attend meetings during the day and occassional babysitting needed if my husband and I go out- usually just for a meal or to the cinema