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Olivia, occasional childcare in Folkestone

I am a bubbly and sociable person who enjoys being around people and being involved in productive tasks. I am a responsible student, currently attending The Folkestone School For Girls to complete my a-levels in English Literature and Language, Philosophy and Psychology. I have two years of experience in babysitting due to my four younger siblings and profile on Childcare which I have met parents through. I understand that this job requires someone mature, and so I let families use me to baby...
Brogan, baby sitter in Folkestone CT19

Hello I'm Brogan Mein, I studied Childcare in Pent Valley Technology Collage and then on in sixform leaving with a C and have got my NVQ certificate for Childcare level 2. I have recent experience with children from 0-10years also cared for a child with autism, I'm a big kid at heart but still a responsible young adult. Very welcoming, happy and kind hearted a child's bestfriend. And Always reliable and trustworthy i have a huge imagination, and a soft calming voice.
Amber, baby sitter - CT19 Folkestone

I have an Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care (Level 3), which involved me having a number of work placements, two of which were working with children from ages 2-4 and 8-9. I have experience of working with children with autism and behavioural difficulties. I am a very patient and caring person who is more than happy to put the effort in. If required, I also love to teach and help ping out with homework is no problem! I had a full CRB check at the beginning of my course.
Katy, babysitter in Folkestone CT19

My name is Katy and I am currently a student, studying childcare level 3 at sixth form. I already have a qualification in childcare, level 2. I have experience with children up to the age of 5, because I work in two different nurseries weekly. I have worked with very young children, from the age of 3 months and up. I am still at school at the moment but it is only for two days a week to study my course and another two days of the week, I have a student placement at two different childcare s...
Molly, babysitter in Folkestone

hello, my name is molly and i am 14 years old, soon to be 15 on December the 17th. I am very good with children especially from ages 3-6, its always a joy for me to go to family gatherings and look after my many little cousins so i would say I am quite experienced with children. i am currently studying my GCSE's in year 10, my 2nd year after choosing my options, i study art, health and social care and french. i would be happy to sit and do some drawing or paintings with the little ones or do ...
Alice, babysitter in Folkestone

Hello, my name is Alice, I am 15 years old currently studying at Folkestone School for Girls. I have two younger sisters who have given me plenty of expirience with babysitting! I have looked after them in the day, evenings and nights, which has also given me expirience with bed time routines. I love children and get on well with them as I come from a large family. I can play the saxophone at which I am at grade 6, and I am also a dancer at grade 4. At the moment I have a part time job at air...

Hello! My name is Alia and I am 17 years old, I will be 18 in the next July (2018) and I am looking for part time babysitting, child party entertainer or emergency babysitting jobs. I go to college 3 days a week Monday and Tuesday I am in 9-4/5 and on a Wednesday I am in from 9-12/1. I would be available after these hours but I cannot miss college in order to work. I cannot drive however I am having driving lessons so that may change in the near future but for now I travel by bus or if ...
Paris-danielle, baby sitting in Folkestone CT19

hi, my name is paris im 15 coming on 16. i would a job to do with children because for my GCES, im doing childcare and im really good with children, i can come round about 3:30 i can help them with homework, i am an okay cook, they will be looked over great i promise, i will do some housework for you i can put your kids to bed.i need this job because i need money for my collage fed
Jasmin, babysitter in Folkestone CT19

Hello my name is Jasmin, I am 25 years old and work full time in a local nursery and have done for 8 years now as i was a student there. I have experience will all ages from 3 months to 9 years. I currently work in the baby unit at my place of work and have done now for nearly 2 years and very much enjoy it. I can offer evening care to children depending on my shift pattern. I get my rota weekly so can let parents know a week in advance what evening care I can offer. The earliest I fini...
Molly, baby sitter - CT19 Folkestone

Hello, i’m Molly and I’m 16 years old, I’m currently attending the folkstone academy secondary school in my last year studying my GCSE’s. I am free most of the time and will ensure I attend whenever you need. I’m generally good with children of all ages however it would be great to play games and read books with a little one although that doesn’t really matter. I will never leave your child bored or hungry and can make sure they go to bed on time and helping with school work is always fun ...
Katelyn, babysitting in Folkestone CT19

Hey my name is Katelyn , I'm only 16 but in a few months I will be 17, I'm caring person I like to help people when they are in need. I will help out with any thing I possibly could to make everyone okay. The type of care I'm looking for is pet care, or child care. I don't have any qualities as a childcarer, but I do have a 6 year old brother who I help when he needs me. The games I play with my little brother are suited for a 6 years old like learning how to count up to a number, or go ...
Mia, sitter in Folkestone CT19

Hello I am Mia I am 16 nearly 17 years of ages, I go to college Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. I do cadets Monday and Thursday night but I can miss them if you needed me at anytime. I don't have much experience but I have babysit my little sister by helping her with homework giving her food for dinner and putting her to bed. I am happy to clean the house too and cook for the children and play as many games as they like. I'm happy to get them ready for bed and put them to bed. I'm available e...
Amy, foreign au pair in Folkestone

Hello, my name is Amy I'm 16 years old and I love children of any age, as I have many family members ranging from different ages. However i am at college 2and half days a week which are Wednesday 2:15pm -5:00 then Thursday 9:00am-5:00 and Friday 9:00am -4:30pm, The course that i am doing is Early years (Childcare) level 2 intro. I also do know first aid but i havent got my qualification yet but i will be getting the qualification soon, just so you are aware. The care that I'm looking for is a...
Jules, babysitter in Folkestone

Hi my name is Jules and I love working with kids. A few years ago I worked in Sydney looking after children before and after school, as part of an organisation programme called Camp Australia. I unofficially became the 'art teacher' as I am extremely creative and love craft projects. We had all age groups from kindergarten to top primary school kids and it was so enjoyable to see peer to peer learning and get such a strong experience of working with different age children. I have done first a...

Hi, I'm Amy and I'm currently looking for babysitting work. I have experience with primary children and young people with additional needs. I can cook, clean, help with homework and provide fun activites for children. I am looking for a part-time position.
Megan, baby sitter in Folkestone CT19

Hello my name is Megan, I am 20 years old and live in my own flat in Sandgate. I have always been around children, and closely worked with a friend of mine who I helped raised her children, ages ranged from birth to 16 years. Children are the future generation and it's vital that they have the right upbringing, and I feel I can help with that. I have a lot of knowledge in children, from previous work and studying. I studied midwifery for a year in London, however left after a year. Not beca...
Taylor, babysitting in Folkestone

My name is Taylor and i am a 18 year old female. I love children, and working with kids i have done for around 6 years now, it just started with babysitting my little sister then it turned into a job i did where i regularly cared for two young boys, i would cook their dinner and make sure the homework was completed. I also took of a 1year 2 month old baby for a year where i gained experience working with younger children, which i'm very confident in doing. We would go to the park and read and...
Maddie, babysitter - CT19 Folkestone

I am an A level student studying part time at the glassworks sixth form centre, and i am looking for an opportunity to work and would enjoy working with kids. I am responsible, mature and friendly and would offer help in any way possible and would complete any tasks i am given efficiently, including homework, chores and cooking. I go to college roughly around 3 hours a day so I would easily be able to work around that and have a lot of spare time. I love kids and can entertain the children if...
Eleanor, babysitting - CT19 Folkestone

My name is Eleanor and I am a 19 year old student looking for some work over the summer time. I study primary education and therefore have had a lot of experience teaching and looking after children. I am friendly, organised, responsible and enjoy caring for children. I would be more than happy to help with homework and housework and I can cook basic meals. I have a DBS certifying that I am safe to work with children and hold no crimal records. I am very fleixable with hours, however do not d...
Philippa, baby sitter - CT19 Folkestone

I am a mature, responsible and very experienced mother of 3 children (grown up) and 2 grandchildren aged 2 and 3 years old. I regularly look after my grandchildren. I enjoy playing games with the children indoors and outdoors and I am also an experienced chef, so I love cooking for them. I am willing to collect from school, babysit in the evenings, after school or at the weekends. I love children and enjoy their company and can offer a caring, safe and responsible service.
Kimberley, after-school childcare in Folkestone

Hello I'm 21 and have two year son, I'm looking yo help any one that is in need of childcare due to myself being a single mother and cant get a job that will envolve around me and son.. So hopefully working with children ill be able to still stay with my son and he gets to play with another child.. Everyday I like to take my son out and about for freash air even if its a park around corner.. I'm quite strict and do not put up misbhaver, I can cook and clean if need be
Jameela, baby sitter in Folkestone

Hi, My name is Jameela and I am 16 years old, living in Folkestone. I am a young leader at the Shorncliffe Brownies at Cheriton Primary School and have been doing this for nearly a year. This means i am spending time with young girls aged 7 - 10. In addition to this, I have also worked with disabled children with the Pegasus Play-Scheme for about a month. This mean I spent time with the children, varying in age, doing activities like swimming, bowling and sailing. I am a very generous, kind a...
Michelle, babysitting - CT19 Folkestone

Hi my name is michelle, I'm 33 and have two children aged 10 and 7. I currently work as a family care worker in a nursery where I look after children aged between 3 months and 4 years. I'm working towards my nvq level 3 in early years educator and have an up to date first aid certificate in paediatric first aid. I'm available for babysitting on Friday and Saturday evenings and Saturday in the daytime. All age groups considered.
Kodi, child care - CT19 Folkestone

I am currently training as a teaching assistant in the early years and have therefore gained a lot of experiencing when it comes to learning through play as well as supporting a child that is upset. I have learnt a variety of techniques through the job as well as looking after my siblings as their main carer - ages 11 years and 1 year 4 months. I am looking for part time babysitting to fit in around my working hours. I am willing to work night shifts. I also have experience in cleaning an...
Abbie, baby sitter in Folkestone CT19

Hello my name is Abbie I'm 20, 21 in February I have a 4 year old son myself who is in reception at school.. I've never done child care but didn't know if being a single mother for nearly 5 years counts as experience ? I absolutely adore children I very often look after my sisters 2 boys aswell which are the ages of 2 & 3 so all together a lot of the time I have all 3 of them.. Im looking to make some extra cash & childcare jobs have always interested me only I've never had the time to go to ...
Kristyna, baby sitter - CT19 Folkestone

Hello, my name is Kristyna and I am from Czech Republic. I am 21 years old and I have been in England for almost 2 years now. I have a lot of expiriences with children because my family is big and I used to look after my step brothers and cousins and I have looked after 4 children(plus their grandmother) here in England for 1 year as an au-pair. I am currently working as a barista in Suna restaurant and I am looking for to do some babysitting or helpmother after 5pm from tuesday to Saturday....
Kira, childcare in Folkestone

Hello my name is Kira and I am looking for a part time or baby sitting job. The experience I have is looking after siblings and helping look after children in foster care, I have also done some work experience at a nursery. I have had experience with all children with different needs. I like to plan many activites to ensure they have fun and try to make it educational on ocations so they are able to have fun and learn. I am more than happy to do any cooking or helping out with any house chore...
Drew, occasional childcare in Folkestone CT19

My name is Drew Hunt, I'm 21 years of age (22 in November) I'm looking for a babysitting or part-time care. I'm a bubbley, positive guy who thinks the world of the younger generation, but only as long as they give respect towards others as manners do not cost anything. I'm willing to put as much effort as needed to help out with household chores and anything else that needs attending too. The qualitys I have as a childercarer are low to be honest but with every occasion that I have looke...
Jordan, babysitter - CT19 Folkestone

My name is Jordan , but I prefer to be called Jay. I am the oldest child of 6 and I used to babysit my younger siblings a lot when they were younger. I am 17 years old, and very mature for my age. I haven't had much schooling due to anxiety issues but I've been teaching myself at home and am slowly becoming better around large groups of people. I used to babysit for my friend a lot when she started working until she had to quit her job. She had two young children and I adored them. I still b...
Meri, child care in Folkestone CT19

I’m a 16 year old grammar educated student currently residing in Folkestone, Kent. I’m in my final year of secondary school and have been offered places at 2 different sixth forms - in September, I will be available for after school arrangements in Canterbury as that is where I will be studying. I currently play the flute and can help younger children with music theory. I take music, history and triple science for GCSE and have recently obtained B grades and above in my mock results. I can he...

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Olivia, occasional childcare in Folkestone

Totally recommend.. Olivia has baby sat our now 2 year old boy several times.. She is just brilliant.. She listens to all instructions given.. Very professional, and keen to help out even with very short notice.. Top baby sitter :-)

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