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Dasa, babysitting in Stoke-on-trent

Hello my name is Dasa I'm from Czech Republic. I want to do babysitting after schools and and weekends as this is my last year and i need money for my future. I also studying child care in my school so I know what to do when I'm with children I also had to do some visit with the child. I did activities with the child and played games learn them how to write and read so I have the experience with the children as I'm studying this for 3 years now and in the future i want to be a nurse.
Chelsea, babysitting - ST4 Stoke-on-trent

I am 22, and am currently studying at Staffordshire University to obtain a degree in Early Childhood Studies, I will graduate with a Level 6 degree. However, I already have a Level 2 Diploma in BTEC Children's Care, Learning and Development, which I achieved two A*'s in. I tend to help with family members homework, when they are in primary school, and some high school as well. Helping my brother with his was something I did on a weekly basis, I do not give them the answers, but guide them in...
Jodie, babysitting - ST4 Stoke-on-trent

I have had lots of experience working with children of all ages from new born's to 16 years old. I also was very involved with Anti-bullying campaign when I was at school. My job included making students feel safe and supported in and outside the school community and raising awareness of the different types of bullying that is happening. I would volunteer my summer holidays to come into the school and work closely with the learning support staff and new students who would be joining the schoo...
Abbie, babysitter in Stoke-on-trent ST4

I am currently studying a Policing and Criminal Investigation degree at Staffordshire University. This is a great experience and gives me an insight to the criminal justice system. I have recently moved out of my family home and I'm experiencing the life of independence. I believe myself to be a hard working individual with a thrive for care towards others and making people happy. I have experience looking after children between the ages of 1-13 years, but feel more confident with childre...
Ayla, babysitter in Stoke-on-trent ST4

I am a student, studying Education at degree level. I have recently qualified as a term time teaching assistant. I hope to one day become a primary school teacher and I believe that looking after children gives me brilliant experience that can help achieve that dream. I have looked after children in the past with all manner of needs including learning difficulties and autism. I believe in giving the children a fun, stimulating environment and love to make up fun games or do arts and crafts wi...
Mirela, baby sitter in Stoke-on-trent

Hello! My name is Mirela, I'm 29 years old, Romanian citizen and I'm looking to work part-time, take care and support the children. Caring person and very friendly, with a big experience from my grand children's.I worked as a babysitter, one year with newborn, 8 years old boy with autism for more that 6 month, and carer job in London, with children’s , with Autism. Currently I am studying Health and Social Care Level 3. I find working with the young people to be a natural choice for...
Piper, child care in Stoke-on-trent ST4

Hello, my name is Piper . I am a 17-year-old girl looking for babysitting jobs around the Newcastle Under Lyme area and would be delighted if you would take the time to read through my profile. Growing up with two little brothers and 8 little cousins, I have always had a great passion for caring for small children. For my Duke of Edinburgh two years ago I was able to volunteer at my local brownies and had the tasks of helping the girls (all around 10 years of age) with their various projec...
Lizzy, babysitting in Stoke-on-trent

Hello, My name is Lizzy, I'm 16 and I look after children in some ways I babysit a lot for my parents with my 9 year old sister, also I have babysitted other ages like over the ages of 1 and under the ages of 14, also I can give appropriate tasks and activities and I am very good with children and I interact with them very well, I'm am going to start college in the September of 2015 studying mainly humanity's like A-level history and geography, I am looking for a job that I'm good at and wil...
Holly, babysitter in Stoke-on-trent

I'm Holly, a 19 year old student, who is currently living locally. Despite how young I am, I think I could bring a number of skills to the table with the amount of experience I have. Over the years many of my voluntary experience and jobs have been child centred; my most recent job catering to children of all ages as a Face Painter at Alton Towers. A few of my voluntary skills include working with a Scouts pack and aiding a dance teacher with her young ballet class at my dance studio, Steelwo...
Tiffany, occasional childcare in Stoke-on-trent ST4

My name is Tiffany Ryan, Im looking for any type work from part time to occasional work. I love to look after children of any ages. I want to cook, play, clean and have a bond with the children. I have some experience babysitting and can if employers want me to get references. I have had experience with children aged 6 months below and upto 14 year olds. I love to be able to play with children build things, colour things and play all sorts of games. I want to create excitement for the childr...
Chelsey, occasional childcare - ST4 Stoke-on-trent

I am 16 years old and currently out of education, due to this i am very flexible. In my spare time i enjoy reading, baking and photography. I have experience looking after siblings, my 3 year old cousin and two other children aged 5 and 7. I am available for babysitting and part-time care, I am also able to do school runs and help around the house if necessary. If wanted i am able to take the children to parks etc in order to keep the children busy and have as much fun as possible.
Jessica, sitter in Stoke-on-trent

My name is Jessica , I am 16 years old , I have some experiences with children because I helped out at a nursery called small steps I loved helping out there then I stopped going there but then my high school said we are having 1 week work experience so I went small steps again, my time at small steps was a great experience, I read books to them, did activities with them, put sun cream on their faces so they could go outside for a play, helped them wash their hands when it was dinner and tea...
Tanya Leanne, babysitter in Stoke-on-trent

Hello my name is Tanya I am 16 years old and I live in stoke. I am a very trust worthy person and love looking after children. I am in college on a Monday till 4:30pm and Thursday till 3:30pm and a Friday till 2:00pm I am willing to help on them days after college. I am available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I am studying level 2 early years childcare in college and going on to level 3 next year for more experience and for the qualifications. I have helped all my life to look after young child...
Samantha, baby sitter in Stoke-on-trent ST4

I am Samantha and I am 17 years old, I am looking for a part time job in babysitting that fits around my college hours. my qualities as a childcarer is that I am patient with children. I have experience in helping them with phonics and numbers also doing bedtime with them because when I look after my niece I have to do bedtime with her, when I do bedtime with her I have to read her a bedtime story and find her something to watch on television. I also enjoy caring for children because I am s...
Anna, babysitter in Stoke-on-trent ST4

My name is anna i am 17 years old, i am looking for a babysitting job i am free most of the time but can do hours in the week anytime till 3 because of picking my little brother up from school then any hours after that im available im also free on weekends i can cook clean do homework and play all kinds of games with the children depending on the age of course, I always do all of this for my little brother its no problem.
Brittany, babysitter - ST4 Stoke-on-trent

CV I am a dedicated and conscientious worker who is friendly and approachable. I work well with others and individually as well as being able to remain motivated and productive as an individual. I am a bubbly person with an open mind ready to learn from the experience of others. Photography and skiing are two things that I have passion for. Other interests and hobbies of mine are playing badminton, cooking, going on bike rides, long walks and on the odd occasion I really enjoy painting. I...
Rachel, babysitter in Stoke-on-trent ST4

Hi, I am Rachel and I'm 18 years old (19 in a couple of weeks.) I am currently a university student hoping to find some babysitting jobs in order to earn a bit of money to help me through the experience. The reason I am looking for babysitting work rather than a part time job in something such as retail is that I hope to become a teacher when I graduate from university. I don't have any paid experience other than when I have babysat for friends and family. However, I believe that I am a fri...
Steph, baby sitter in Stoke-on-trent ST4

Hi. My name is Steph. I am 18. I am looking for a babysitting job as I enjoy looking after younger children as I have grew up babysitting for my younger siblings. I studied childcare In High School and went college for a bit and studied childcare in the college. I also have been work experience in A primary school working with Nursery and Reception children and also went a private day Nursery and helped look after younger children ages months old until 3 or 4. I can care for young children. ...
Jennifer Akua, babysitting in Stoke-on-trent

Am Jennifer, am 18, am a smart and hardworking girl, i have patience and time for children, i can take very goid care of them and love them as myself. I am in the secondary school, basically, i was living in Italy so i can speak italian aside English, am now living in the Uk with my family. I love babysitting because i have the passion for that. aside babysitting the children i can also teach them morals and education, thanks very much, thats all.
Sophie, sitter - ST4 Stoke-on-trent

Hello my name is sophie im 18 nearly 19 and have health and social care diploma I can offer my honesty and kindness and im available most days and have great reviews I have experience with ages from 7 weeks and 6 years I am reliable and can offer a safe fun environment every child is individual and learns and has fun in differnt ways I adapt to that providing safety .offering days out to the park and fun places ensuring you know everything and can guarantee your child is safe .
Joshua, babysitter - ST4 Stoke-on-trent

To Parents I am 16 years old and 16 years old I am experienced in babysitting because I have dealt with under 6 year old's before and I am looking to care after children under the age of 10. My qualities are that I am well jolly and love gaming, from any age range. I also been practising looking after children since the age of 11, I think that this job is suitable for me and I promise your child's safety is not a problem with me.
Nicola, sitter in Stoke-on-trent ST4

My name is Nicola and i am currently a student studying law at Staffordshire university. I have a lot of experience lookin after children as I regularly look afte my little sister (aged7) and I love looking after children and playing with them and being creative-perfect for looking after younger children. I can also help older children with homework as I have done a levels l, in particular maths is my specialist subject. I can also help with cleaning as I have been employed by a cleaning co...
Jesse, child care in Stoke-on-trent

My name is Jesse and I am 16 years of age. I have an incredibl amount of experience with children through working twice a week at a kids club aswell as look after my sister and any number of up to 6 of my younger cousins. I am more than happy to undertake anything you require within reason weather that's cleaning, cooking or helping the children do their homework. Furthermore I am very musical and creative along with being very academic. Additionally I am very energetic and Responsible ...
Anjum, babysitting in Stoke-on-trent ST4

I am 21 years old currently working as a teaching assistant, I find that i love interacting with children, I have worked with young people of all ages up to 16 years of age, I have learnt and gained skills on how to challenge behavior in young people. I am very family oriented and love being around kids, I have a big family which means I have a lot of nephews and nieces all ranging from the ages of 0 to 16 years of age, I do occasionally babysit them and also take them to fun days out in tren...
Denise, occasional childcare in Stoke-on-trent ST4

Hello, my name is Denise. I am 53 years old and have a daughter of 27 and a son of 29. As well as raising my own children I have other experience with 8 nieces and nephews, one of whom is disabled. I also went into my children's school 4 days a week when my children were in primary school and helped others with their reading and writing and took small groups for art activities as well as being a Sunday School teacher for 3 years. I now work in a Creche and nursery in Fegg Hayes and have been...
Bethany, babysitter - ST4 Stoke-on-trent

i am a reliable and responsible person who has a passion for working with children, with a kind, caring and trustworthy nature. I am easy to get along with but can be firm with children when required. i do believe that children should have the interaction of other children as well as a caring and supportive adult, so regular engagement with other children will be provided through outings. i have worked with a range of children between the ages of 3 weeks and 11 years and have worked in...
Charlotte, babysitter in Stoke-on-trent ST4

My name is Charlotte , i'm 19 years old. I have a brilliant education which I completed at St. Joseph's College (high school and sixth form) and after completing my A level's I'm currently studying hairdressing. I am looking for a full time or part time job along side of this. I feel I would be a great candidate to babysit as I get on very well with children, I'm responsible, reliable and organised. I have had a previous job at Come into play (Stone), so have had experience at supervising an...
Rachel, child care - ST4 Stoke-on-trent

Im rachel, I love being with children. I have babysat alot for friends and family. I do have my own little boy of whom is 5 years old. I throughly enjoy watching his child development progress as he continues to learn new words and develop increased curiosity about the world. I love reading with my little boy and I enjoy spending time teaching him how to spell using foam letters aswell as using writing educational books for his age group. I love role play and artistic craft with my little boy...
Colleen, babysitting in Stoke-on-trent

I'm 18, and I'm full time education at college, I have been driving for 7 months. I am very passionate about caring for children, I have a very close family friend of which is a foster Carer and I'm currently in the process of being an official baby sitter for them, which involves a dbs check through the social workers, and she has baby's in from 0-2, this is why I think I'm good at looking st this type of age. Because I have dealt with babies for about 5 years evolving around foster caring. ...
Farida, babysitting in Stoke-on-trent ST4

My name is Farida , I am 16 years old and a student. I am the eldest of 4 children which I have spent most of my life caring for alongside my mother who regularly fell ill and had to therefore depend on me the majority of the time. I am patient, hard working and versatile in my working atmosphere and will always be up for negotiation. Without a doubt, I can provide a great childcare service.

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Mirela, baby sitter in Stoke-on-trent

Mirela was employed as Child Care Assistant at Supreme Care Services Ltd. Main Qualities: Professional, Punctual, Honest, Reliable, Down to Earth, Good communication, Willingness to assist when required, Intellectual, a team player, Polite, Calm, Supportive. I highly recommmend Mirela as she would be a assett to any company, Mirela is adaptable and always willing to learn.

Holly, babysitter in Stoke-on-trent

I was Holly's area manager when she worked as a make-up artist for artistic licence uk based at alton towers resort. Holly always got on well with her colleagues and customers and enjoyed working with children. I would recommend Holly to any future employer for her reliability and good work ethic.

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