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the 03/04/22 : Hello I am looking for someone who can collect my child from school from William Bellamy in Dagenham on various weekdays fromm15:00

the 25/03/22 : To pick her up from nursery at 3 and take care of her until 6 pm

the 12/03/22 : Hi My house is in Hardie Road , Dagenham , RM10 7BT . I am looking for a childminder for Thursday and Friday from 11 am to 7 pm . We will drop off / pick up my child to the childminder .If anyone nearby please drop me a message with your phone number . Many Thanks
Terry, offer childcare in Dagenham RM10

the 23/01/22 : Taking children to school and picking up from school making food, and light cleaning.

the 10/01/22 : After school pick up from Eastbrook primary
Jenny, offer part-time childcare - RM10 Dagenham

the 09/09/21 : On Saturdays I start work at 9am and finish at 1am so will need a nanny to look after my two kids and also to take my daughter to her horse riding lessons Saturday morning at 11.30 at the beckton stables and to fed my children and put them to bed I also have a sofa bed so if you would like to sleep over you can. On Sundays I start work at 9am and finish at 6pm, if you feel you are the perfect candidate for this role please feel free to contact me. Thank you Jenny

the 07/09/21 : I need a nanny that to look after my children.

the 05/09/21 : we are looking for a nanny who could pick our son after school every Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 7pm, the school is located 10 mins walk from dageham heathway

the 06/08/21 : I'm looking for a caregiver in the area my children have a 5 other 9 both very calm.

the 15/05/21 : Child care for few hours

the 11/06/20 : starting with 8 hours per week with a potential of becoming 18 hours per week

the 20/03/20 : Hello. I need someone who is flexible and able to adjust to my schedule as my hours at work vary per week. The ideal person would be needed as follows (rough guide): *morning hours are generally from 6am-3pm *evening hours from 1pm or 6pm-11pm *night hours from 6pm or 9pm-7am next morning There are times when the person would be needed 3 or 4 days per week....other times only one day per week. Another option would be someone who will agree for a fixed monthly salary (whether they...

the 19/08/19 : Just need one off baby sitter Friday 30th August 12pm till 6pm

the 09/09/18 : Hello, I will need s nanny who lives close to Dagenham, not too far from five elms primary school. Who is available Tuesday 6pm to 8pm , Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm and Thursdays 6pm to 8pm. She will need to pick him up from the after school club situated in five elms school at 6pm and I will pick him back from her at 8pm.

the 01/05/18 : 3 days are flexible. But Wednesdays are a must. Hours between 7.30-7.45 and 4.45-5.00 (depending on your location) We will drop the children to you.

the 13/04/18 : 2 boys aged 3 need to be picked up from their nursery. I will collect them at 9pm only (Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays)

the 06/11/17 : After School child care for a 8 year old boy

the 22/06/17 : I need someone to look after my 2 children collect them from school and look after them until I'm back from work. Also my children do dance classes so they would need dropping off there

the 13/02/17 : Help with the school run

the 02/01/17 : I need my son to be picked from home at exactly 6.30 and be dropped in school for breakfast by latest 7.20 and picked after school on Monday to Friday

the 17/11/16 : I need a nanny for my 6 year old son. The nanny will have to wake him up in the morning, give him breakfast and bring him to school. In the afternoon she will have to pick him from school and look after him until my husband gets home.

the 06/11/16 : I have 2 disabled children aged 2 and 7, eldest son is fully blind so need someone with experience and youngest child has special needs, this would be a full time job outside of school hours as im a single mum,

the 27/09/16 : Roding primary school to Hewett road

the 27/09/15 : I need help asap school drop off and look after both children from 7-9am

the 27/09/15 : I need somebody to look after my children from 7am til 9am and drop off at school asap

the 11/09/15 : I'm looking for someone to look after my little one. the person has to be patience, friendly and playful

the 16/01/15 : Childcare needed urgently.

the 27/11/14 : Must be responsible and punctual.