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Amy, is looking for an au pair - EX10 Sidmouth

the 03/06/18 : I would need to be In work at 8am until 4pm some days of the week I need to work late shifts 1pm until 10pm My girl Jessica is 2/12 so would need full time care whilst I’m at work. My boy EDWARD is 10years and would be a school. X
Elizabeth, looking for nanny in West hill

the 12/11/17 : I am due to have an operation in January 18 on my shoulder. After this I won’t be able to drive for at least 2 months. I need help With my children - picking them up from preschool & school, taking them to normal clubs, helping look after them at home - getting tea ready etc. I ideally need help with Tues Wed & Thursday after school from 3pm, and all day Friday during this time.

the 27/04/17 : Looking for someone every Wednesday and Friday evening 5.30-8.30 to look after my 2 boys, help feed tea, bath them, get them ready for bed, do any homework with them and get my youngest into bed.

the 26/04/17 : Dealing with meals, homework, bathtime, bed

the 10/02/17 : Fee hours 4 months baby

the 10/02/17 : Look after baby 4 months

the 21/11/16 : Hi my names Kirsty I have 3 children 4, 8, 9 Iv had a family friend cancel on me a week before I leave for America for 4 days.. iv sorted out night and evening care but from the hours between 3-6 I'm in urgent need of someone to collect my children and stay with them at my home until my close family friend gets back from work. I will have food in the freezer for the children which just needs putting into the oven. I'll explain more about child pick up.. my 4 yr old goes to vicarage road site...

the 19/10/16 : We have recently moved to the area and I require a childminder to pick my son up from home and take him to dance lessons every Friday evening

the 12/10/16 : seeking somewone to take my 7 year old to school and pick up for a few hours after school

the 14/01/16 : Hi We're looking for a professional reliable babysitter who lives locally, and is able to get home without needing us to give them a lift. We have a 4 year old boy. He's a good sleeper and would unlikely wake once we put him to bed. We would ideally like to find someone this Sat evening (16/01/16)..short notice I realise! And in the future it would likely be once a month. We would only ever be going out in the centre of Sidmouth, which means we would be nearby. I'm 36 and my husband is 37...

the 26/11/15 : I would like a regular babysitter for Thursday nights 7-9pm approximately, sometime till 10pm and the occasional weekend evenings. Ideally someone who can drive as we will be living (moving in 2 weeks) in Harpford, near Tipton (5 mins from Sidmouth). We have 4 boys ranging from 2 - 11 years old. The 2 year old will be in bed by 7pm and the 2 older boys put themselves to bed. They are all lovely boys and are no problem to babysit for!

the 29/10/14 : Looking for a Mother's help 4 nights a week to help with homework, after school clubs, dinner, bath time and bed time.