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the 24/05/22 : We are hoping to find a reliable caregiver here

the 24/04/22 : Hi, I'm a mum of a lovely 7 and 4 year old. I live with my family in Edgbaston. Looking for someone to help with our girls for around 3 to 4 hours a day, minimum 3 days (afternoons to early evenings). We are looking for help with the kids' pick ups, taking to after school classes, dinner, playtime, homework and bath times. My girls are friendly, loving and active. They love the outdoors and activities they can get involved in hands on. Message if interested! Many thanks :)

the 11/03/22 : I need someone I can drop my son off to around 7 qm they take my son to school for 8 pm and collect at 6 pm and il collect from them when I’m home from school no later the 7 pm
Fatima, is looking for nanny in Birmingham B9

the 17/02/22 : Hi, I am looking for a nanny who can look after my children aged 10 and 6. This includes collection from school.

the 15/02/22 : Afterschool for two hours and school holidays

the 13/02/22 : Need 2 days one full day ine half day

the 11/02/22 : I need a childminder for the holidays

the 26/01/22 : Both parents are working fulltime hours. We are looking for someone who can fill in the space between mine and my husbands absence as we need someone to take care of the baby. Must be available everyday and on demand.

the 23/01/22 : Seeking a mothers help or shared nanny for my 2 year old
Richard, looking for nanny in Birmingham

the 17/01/22 : My wife and I both work during the week and are looking for an arrangement that caters for our little ones. Our daughter is 4 and a half years old and goes to Worlds End Infant School until 15:00hrs daily. Our son is 8 months old and up until now has constantly been with his mother since she has been on maternity leave. We are looking for someone who can look after our son from 08:00 in the morning up until end of day. We also hope the same person can pick up our daughter from school at 15...

the 07/01/22 : Looking for an experienced part time nanny in Harborne, wed/Fri full day with pick-up and drop-offs on tue/thu. Two lovely, (mostly) well behaved children, 1 and 3 years old. Please get in contact for more details, happy to discuss further. Thank you and all best

the 08/12/21 : For when I am at work
Hollie, is looking for part time nanny in Birmingham

the 06/11/21 : Hey! I’ve a lovely calm baby boy Leo, who is breast and puree fed atm. We’ve a little house in Harborne and I am looking for help in the mornings as I am mostly solo parenting, so I can go to yoga and do chores or maybe nap if we’ve had a long night. I am easy going, sociable and looking for someone warm natured to help with Leo.

the 30/10/21 : I have a 5yr old boy and 6yr old girl and we would like to find a babysitter. Ideally we would like to have a Friday or Saturday evening out.

the 19/10/21 : Son attends St Michael's nursery, I am awaiting confirmation on hours/days for a new job and will require someone to drop off and collect.

the 19/10/21 : Need childcare for every school morning by 7.45 am and afterschool on Monday and Friday

the 14/10/21 : Babysitter for few days during the week where my husband and I both work

the 13/10/21 : I am looking for a night nanny for newborn twins.

the 06/10/21 : I would like the nanny to support in collecting twins from the nursery, help with minding including reading etc and further to help minding when make visits to sports, educational acuities or events on some weekends.

the 05/10/21 : I am looking for someone to look after my children 3 full days a week from March 2022. They will be aged 9 months and 3 years.

the 03/10/21 : I need a nanny three days a week for eleven hours a day

the 03/10/21 : I need a nanny seven days a week for eleven hours a day

the 19/09/21 : We are a bilingual Italian-English family and would prefer an Italian speaker. Our daughter is very energetic, so we'd like someone who enjoys sports, e.g. playing with a ball, going to the parl

the 09/09/21 : Occasional After school care with pick up and drop off

the 07/09/21 : We need a childminder or nanny Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 7.30 to 9am. They would need to take both children to school.

the 21/08/21 : Help with getting 2 special needs children in the morning feeding, changing, showering & bedtime routine

the 06/08/21 : For school pick up and drop off

the 15/07/21 : I need someone to be able to pick up my 2 children from Bellfield school (Infant and Juniors) Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and care from them until 5-5.30pm on these days.

the 04/07/21 : Childminder evenings and perhaps overnight preferably their home. Mainly my son will sleep so it’s just a case of putting him to bed then listening out for him