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the 20/02/22 : Hi im looking for a babysitter to look after our two boys aged 19 months and 8 years old couple of times a month on a friday night and the odd saturday night occasionally as we would like to be able to go out and know our children are at home being well looked after

the 05/01/22 : I'm looking for a day/ night babysitter who wants to earn some extra income an addition to what your earning already. To look after my little ones. An ongoing day and night shift You will be informed for future date both Job description includes Put the kids to bed Making sure they're well covered at night Once they're asleep and comfortable you sleep as well. Till morning when am back. At the Moment there's not much to do at night other than sleeping. Please note. Thi...

the 12/11/21 : I need someone who can have my children between 730- school drop off then pick up at 345 till 530

the 14/10/21 : Pick up from nursery school 11.40and look after till

the 25/08/21 : I really need someone to look after my when I'm at work for between 2 to 3hours a day I might be working 2 days a or 3 or 4 in the evenings. And I really need someone today at 4pm cuz I got work.

the 13/08/21 : Along with some help around the house if needed

the 04/08/21 : Hi, We are looking for someone to come to the home to provide childcare for our 4 year old for a two weeks full time from 16-27 August. Will drop off if within 15 mins of address. From September 2021, would like after school care either at our home or can pick up from childminders home. Our little one was supposed to go to holiday club at new primary school but this was cancelled due to Covid!

the 21/06/21 : I am looking for someone to look after my baby on Sunday

the 21/06/21 : I am looking for someone to look after my baby on Sunday so I can have a break.

the 13/06/21 : I would like someone to look after my 9 months old baby at home.
Rachael, looking for nanny - WV1 Wolverhampton

the 16/01/21 : To care for my child before school, take him to school and pick him up from school and care for him after school

the 16/09/20 : I need childminder that can pick my kids fro. School

the 10/09/20 : Hi, we require a childminder for our daughter who is 3 years old. We are looking for a childminder that is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We are seeking someone that can do pick ups. I work as a retail assistant and I am 28 years old, my partner is a Student Mental Health Nurse and she is 26 years old.

the 28/08/20 : Looking for someone to come to the house and keep toddler entertained and helping it out with basic chores. Mother will be present at home.
Magda, is looking for part time nanny in Wolverhampton

the 14/08/20 : We want to welcome active, funny Person to Our Family 👊 We need some help and person who can spend time with my sons ( 2 years old and 10). That’s every week will be different days - no more then 4 days for about 5 hours till I come back from work about 8 o’clock. The most important is to make them tired :) Playing, jumping and all the rest of some activities I like to prefer. I need Person who can learn them something and they will not concentrate on games and all this “devil toys;)” M...

the 08/08/20 : Very well behaved don’t cause any trouble at all

the 08/07/20 : Myself and partner are both professionals who have current care for a 6 year old and 16 year old. We require some assistance at present which may turn into regular care.

the 21/06/20 : Looking for babydsitter or childminder for occasional work.

the 26/05/20 : I work for a charity which provides childcare for it's clients. I am looking for childcare for a client living in Wolverhampton. I would need someone to cover childcare for a client with 3 young children (one 3 yr old, and two 5 yr olds). The children will need to be looked after for 4 consecutive Saturdays for about 6-7 hours each day.
Manuela, looking for nanny in Wolverhampton WV1

the 23/03/20 : I need someone to take care of my son all day Mondays and pick up from the nursery Tuesday to Friday and stay with him about 2 h after.

the 12/03/20 : Hi. I need a childminder or babysitter urgently. I have full day training and my son needs someone to look after him from 8am to 5pm. He is an easy going child and not difficult at all. Should the weather be good there is a park and local shops very near by to take a stroll. Thank you

the 14/02/20 : I want to go out for Valentines day

the 15/01/20 : Keep on eye on them :-)

the 10/11/19 : Stay with nanny during weekends and after school hours

the 30/09/19 : I am a student Nurse on placement and I need someone to look after my 5-year-old son until his Dad picks him up and takes him to school. If you are able to take him to school that would be perfect :) My shift starts at 7 am so I need to drop him off at 6 am.
Chantel, looking for nanny in Wolverhampton WV1

the 29/09/19 : We urgently need child care for two kids, to be collected from school. Hours would be 3:15 - 5:15 If you do not have a car I will provide bus tickets. Must have references please.

the 21/08/19 : I need a nanny to complete school drop off for my child each weekday morning.

the 17/07/19 : Nanny/Childminder needed for september 2019, I am single mother who home edducates, however i am starting my nursing degree, so i need a female babysitter or nanny that is available to look after my child whilst i am in lecture and on placements

the 17/07/19 : Hi there, i am a single mother who home educates, I am due to start my nursing degree in september 2019, i need someone who is available mo, tues, wed hours 8-7pm.

the 03/06/19 : Someone to look after my daughter who is 1, all day from 7am to 5.30pm. To also take and pick up my son from school down the road, he is 4.